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10 Things You Didn’t Know About SEX

You didn't know these things.

VIDEO: Girl Pranks Guy Who Came to Her House For Free VIbrator She Put on Craigslist

Guyism’s Chet Siegel decided to see what level of filth and torment strangers would endure just for a free item from […]

Babe and Bro Pull Off Fake Marriage Proposal Prank All Over New York City

A guy and a girl decided to fake propose all over New York City. 

The 25 Sexiest Countries in the World

A few years ago our colleagues at Guyism ranked the 25 sexiest countries in the world. Since then we're discovered hundreds more beautiful women from

‘Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding Is Vastly Improved by the Wedding Crashers

Who invited Lou Epstein and that mensch Chuck Schwartz to the Red Wedding?

A Spectacular Supercut of Tyrion Lanister’s One-Liners

Our Bros at Guyism straight killed it with this amazing one-liners supercut of the biggest wee little Bro on "Game of Thrones," Tyrion Lannister.  Bros... Click here

A Supercut of Every Tami Taylor ‘Y’all’ From ‘Friday Night Lights’

This morning AG told you about 'Friday Night Lights' Emmy nomination for Best Drama. Tomorrow night the series will call it a quites on NBC.

Three College-Related Lists and Rankings to Bring to Your Attention

It's been an unusually busy week for college rankings. Here are three college-related lists that we'd like to bring to every Bro's attention: 25 schools