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5 Things Girls Think Are Dumb That Guys Think Are Cool

I can't tell you how many times some guy's done something unbelievably stupid in front of me and a bunch of

The Ultimate Guy Wish List

Renting the Scarface mansion should be on every dude's bucket list. 

4 Things Every Modern Man Should Be Able to Do

Being a man is hard. Where previous generations opted to take the easy road, defining manhood with tangible accomplishments like carving out a homestead in

Researchers at Indiana University Finally Discovered Length of the Average American Man’s Penis

After measuring the penis sizes of 1,661 American men, the results are finally in. A new study conducted by Debby Herbenick, a researcher at Indiana

11 Reasons it’s Great Being a Guy

Do we need to elaborate on the many wonderful reasons being a guy is awesome? Cause it is! Every morning I wake up, scratch my