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Guy Fieri Think Wedge Salads Should Have Miller Lite in Them

The man is nuts.

Guy Fieri Just Trolled BuzzFeed and OMFG It’s the Best Thing Ever

I'm hyperventilating.

Watch This Bro Steal Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini ‘Mission Impossible’ Style

Back in 2011, Max Wade rappelled into a San Francisco car dealership, cut the locks, and drove away with celebrity […]

Guy Fieri Bravely Poses With Balloon Version of Self

Health-food fanatic Guy Fieri took a picture with a balloon version of himself with a big, cheesy smile on his face. The incident made me

6 Things I Learned from Watching Guy Fieri Testify in an Attempted Murder Trial

Yesterday, I traveled up to Marin County to watch Guy Fieri testify in the trial of Max Wade, the high school kid who stole Guy

We Went to Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar, and Lived to Tell This Tale

Only an asshole would review a restaurant when it first opens. Expecting greatness right out of the gates is insane. Some establishments need a few

Guy Fieri Eats a Bald Eagle Cheese Sandwich, According to This Funny Lip Dub

Guy Fieri is the Michael Bay of the food world. They're both hated on by nearly all of their more "serious" competitors. They both share

17-Year-Old Rapelled into Dealership and Stole D-Bag Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri’s Lambo

It’s really not a surprise that blonde-tipped, tool bag extraordinaire Guy Fieri bought a $200,000 yellow Lamborghini Spyder Gallardo the second he could. What is