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Bizarre Commercial Features Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery Staring Into a Woman’s Vagina

That is certainly quite an ad, Fox Sports 1. It's a bold choice to have a couple of announcing legends peer deep into a woman's

How Should You Deal with a Girlfriend Dragging Down Your Wolfpack? Plus, Fraternity Rush Tips

For the seventh episode of the BroBible Podcast, BIG MEDIA correspondent Andy Moore joins host J Camm

Gus Johnson’s Gusgasm at the End of the Northwestern-Ohio State Game Was Delightful

It's been far, far too long since we've enjoyed a Gusgasm from the best broadcaster in sports, so here's Gus Johnson's call of

Gus Johnson Calls Abby Wambach Goal vs Brazil

Yesterday Abby Wambach won the hearts of a lot of American sports fan, both male and female. Many are calling it the "sports

Boom Goes The Dynamite Gets a Web Redemption; Calls Game with Gus Johnson

Pretty awesome one-two punch on Tosh.0 last night. Ball State University freshman Brian Collins became an internet meme

Gus Johnson Leaves CBS Sports

Sad news for college basketball fans: SI.com is reporting that Gus Johnson is parting ways with

VIDEO: Great Moments In History With Gus Johnson

Did you ever wish Gus Johnson was around to offer his golden pipes and palatable enthusiasm to narrate

The Gus Johnson/Kyrie Irving Friday NCAA Tournament Schedule

Gus Johnson

One day, 16 games down, and three upsets by seed: #13 Morehead State over #4 Louisville, #12 Richmond over #5 Vanderbilt,

Gus Johnson Calls Isiah Thomas’s Buzzer Beater Over Arizona

Isiah Thomas Buzzer Beater Gus Johnson

Washington's Isiah Thomas just ended another conference championship game with a buzzer-beating game-winning shot. And Gus Johnson

What if Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery Called Soccer Games?

Gus Johnson Bill Raftery Soccer Game

Via this morning's Hot Clicks comes this great video of what would happen if CBS

VIDEO: David Garrard’s Hail Mary Proves Bill Simmons’s ‘Law of Gus Johnson’

Gus Johnson David Garrard

Another Sunday, another incredible come-from-behind NFL victory that comes complete with a patented Gus Johnson