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10 Incredible Things We Want This Week (A Gear Guide For Bros)


After the last round of 'Things We Want This Week' I thought I'd make this feature appear more frequently here on BroBible.


Officers Suspended For Supplying Guns, Tanks To Models For Video Shoot That Every American Should See

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Two Utah Police officers were suspended without pay for lending bikini models guns and tanks for a video shoot and doing humanity a very sexy favor.


This Is A Video Of 1980’s Chicks In Bikinis Shooting Machine Guns…Nothing More, Nothing Less


If you came here expecting anything other than vintage footage of chicks from the 1980's wearing bikinis and shooting machine guns, well, you're going to be disappointed.


CEO With Huge Balls Sits In Mercedes-Benz With Bulletproof Windshield As His Employee Fires An AK-47 At His Face


YouTube There's standing behind your product and then there is what the CEO of Texas Armoring Corporation was willing to do, which is sit behind his product as his employee sprayed gun fire directly at his person.

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