This Is A Video Of 1980’s Chicks In Bikinis Shooting Machine Guns…Nothing More, Nothing Less


If you came here expecting anything other than vintage footage of chicks from the 1980's wearing bikinis and shooting machine guns, well, you're going to be disappointed.


CEO With Huge Balls Sits In Mercedes-Benz With Bulletproof Windshield As His Employee Fires An AK-47 At His Face


YouTube There's standing behind your product and then there is what the CEO of Texas Armoring Corporation was willing to do, which is sit behind his product as his employee sprayed gun fire directly at his person.

weapons porn

Green Berets at Ft. Bragg Firing Heavy Weapons In Slow-Motion Is Absolute Freedom Porn


Bros, be prepared to having a raging freedom broner the likes of which can only be induced by watching the most badass heavy weapons on the planet being fired in slow-mo HD.


This Is What Happens When Killer Clown Pranksters Try To Scare Some Dude Who’s Carrying A Gun, Hint: BOOM, Headshot


You never know what someone’s got hiding in a jacket pocket or even a purse, so it’s no surprise that when this “killer” clown comes rushing at a guy who just happens to be carrying a concealed weapon he gets his head blown off.

jose canseco

Jose Canseco Blew His Middle Finger Off While Cleaning His Gun


  Jose Canseco went and shot the middle finger of his left hand off while cleaning his gun last night.

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