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Watch Liberals Shoot Guns For The 1st Time

Try everything once, they say...

Hahahaha Texas Wants to Let People Drink at Gun Shows

What a fucking state.

This Is What It’s Like to Shoot a Shotgun with a Silencer

I don't pretend to know or care about guns. BUT... This video is super badass.

Self-Guiding Bullets Are Now Real and Oh God, We’re Fucked

So fucked.

How to Cook Bacon Using a Machine Gun

What are you, a pussy?

Well, Georgia Is Basically the Wild, Wild West Now That Their New Gun Law Went Into Effect

Without Will Smith or Kevin Kline to add comic relief here.

Colorado’s Shooters Grill Restaurant Is the Most Gun-Friendly Dining Experience You’ll Ever Have

"God, Guns and Guts made this country. Let's keep all three!"

Gun PSA Features Children Sword-Fighting With Mommy’s Dildos, Because Reasons

I understand the message they are trying to send here, which I think is: HOLY SHIT THE CHILDREN ARE DUMB LOCK EVERYTHING.

This Is (Probably) the Only Gun Safety Ad to Ever Involve Multiple Dildos

Fuck advocacy.

Soldier Watching USA-Germany Match Refuses to Loosen Grip on Assault Rifle for Even a Second

He's ready.

GoPro Video of a Bike Robbery at Gunpoint Is (Maybe?) Real

As with everything online, skepticism is a powerful tool.

Man Looking to Buy Concealed Guns on Craigslist Gets Blissfully Trolled by Internet Hero

Apparently this is pretty old, but it recently took on a new life when it started making the rounds on a number of humor sites

Crazy Gun Owner in Florida Who Shoots Guns In His Yard Received a Hilarious Segment on ‘The Colbert Report’

Neighbors be damned, because sometimes you just need to fire a weapon in your goddamn yard.

Joe the Plumber Says ‘Your Dead Kids Don’t Trump My Constitutional Rights’


Now You Can Play a BINGO Game While Arguing with Gun Nuts on Social Media

We try (key word... try) to stay pretty apolitical about here, but the terrible violence in Isla Vista has once again sparked a gun control

Just Alex Ovechkin Shooting a Massive, WWII-Era Machine Gun

Because Ovi does what Ovi wants.

A Washington Redskins-Themed Assualt Rifle Maybe Isn’t the Best Idea

We hope you immediately understand why.

Japanese Bro Attaches Toothbrush to Automatic Pistol, Hilarity Ensues

It's a heck of a lot more dangerous than flossing.

Teenager Caught With Loaded Gun Stuffed Inside Her Vagina

Gives new meaning to the phrase conceal and carry.

Dan Bilzerian and Hot Girls In Bikinis Shooting Guns? Dan Bilzerian and Hot Girls In Bikinis Shooting Guns!

I don't need to waste my time telling you a video of Dan Bilzerian and hot chicks shooting guns is something you should watch. The

Here’s a Vine of a Wannabe White Gangsta Who Doesn’t Know How to Use a Handgun

So hard.

McDonald’s Customer Pulls Gun on Employee For Forgetting Dipping Sauce

Can you blame him?

Idiot Films Himself “Pranking” People With Fake Drive-By Shootings

In what could go down as the most harebrained “prank” in recorded human history, a Philadelphia man drove around pointing […]

Do You Want to Watch Russian Dash Cam Video of a Shootout? Of Course You Do

Man, you’d think after today, most Russians would avoid shootouts. Because they always lose them. AMERICA. But seriously, here’s a […]

Hot Lauren Tannehill Lost Her Husband Ryan’s Assault Rifle

Hot Lauren Tannehill, the wife of Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill, left an AR-15 rifle of his in the back of a rental car 

Lingerie-Clad Woman Pulls Gun from Vagina after Argument about Aliens

And that isn't even half the story. Here it is, the best sentence ever written. From The Smoking Gun: 

LeBron James Looks Cool as Hell Shooting a Submachine Gun

Is there anything LeBron James does that isn't cool?

‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Robertson Family Launches Their Own Line of Guns (w/Video)

"You know what makes me happy, ladies and gentlemen? To blow a mallard drake's head smooth off." -Phil Robertson The Robertson family, of Duck Dynasty and recent controversy

Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill Restaurant in Virginia Banned Guns and People Are Pissed

Okay, first things first. Toby Keith once had a hit song called "I Love This Bar."

Man Builds Homemade Gun With Items That Can Be Bought After You Go Through Airport Security

Hey gang, terrorists need lifehacks, too. The good news, though, is based on the video it looks like this gun can only be shot once and the

Instagram? More Like Instant Gun

People are using Instagram to legally sell guns. 

Jimmy Kimmel Takes Blind People To Shooting Range

Jimmy Kimmel learned that in Iowa, it is illegal to refuse to sell a gun to someone because of a physical disability. That includes blindness. Blind

Police Dash Cam Captures Fatal Oregon Gun Fight

Holy shit. There are almost no words. This might be the most insane police dash cam video ever. 

This Swiss Army Knife Dominates All Swiss Army Knives

Really want to win a knife fight? Bring this knife. 

Babe Shoots Assault Rifle for First Time, Almost Kills Boyfriend On Camera

Guns are fun and nothing can ever go wrong, as this video proves.

Rosie Jones, Lucy Pinder, and 7 More Busty British Chicks Shooting Guns In Bikinis

You're not going to find a hotter video on the Internet today. Rosie Jones, Lucy Pinder, Kelly Hall, Sophie Howard, Rhian Sugden, Danni Wells, India Reynolds,

Here’s a Picture of Aaron Hernandez Holding a Gun

Thinking critically, this 2009 picture of Aaron Hernandez taking a selfie while holding a gun shouldn’t really change the way the public views the now-incarcerated

If You Attend NYU, Making Imitation Rifles In Your Dorm Room Is a Very Dumb Idea

New York City, New York State has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. As a resident here, I like it that way;

‘Thumbs and Ammo’ Replaces Famous Gun Scenes with Thumbs-Up, Is Stupidly Funny

This is one of those single-serving blogs that features one idea done perfectly. (So: the Chick-fil-A of blogs.)

Dude Lets His Friend Shoot Him From 5 Feet Away While Wearing Only a Bulletproof Vest

If it weren't for these two guys none of us would have ever known that bullet proof vests are, in fact, bullet proof. What a