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President Obama Goes Skeet Shooting ‘All the Time,’ Questions If He’d Let a Son Play Football

Must-read interview in The New Republic, where the newly-inaugurated President Obama discusses the pressing issues his second term. Gun control is discussed at length and

Stephen Colbert Hilariously Defends America’s Right to Bear Arms While Wearing a Ghillie Suit

Last week we posted Jon Stewart's stance on gun control. Some people took that post as my way of giving my opinion on the topic.

Jon Stewart Had a Terrific Rant on Gun Control Last Night

The gun issue in our country reminds me of a middle school dance: both sides of the room are full but no one wants to

Alex Jones BLOWS UP on Piers Morgan Over Gun Control, Suggests Deporting Him Back to England

If there's one thing you need to watch today, make it this.

Marine Bro’s ‘F*ck Off’ Letter to U.S. Senator Over Her Proposed Ban on Assault Weapons Goes Viral

On December 27th, Marine Corps vet, Cpl. Joshua Boston wrote Senator Dianne Feinstien a salty letter on CNN iReport. Since then his "bitch, who the

Bob Costas Used Sunday Night Football to Be a Disingenuous Idiot

When Bob Costas is on his game, he's the best interviewer in sports. His NBC interview with Jerry Sandusky, right after his charges were made