What better way to teach gun control than little kids fighting with dildos?


The parallels here are clear, if there's something interesting sitting around the kids are gonna scoop it up and play with it.


New gun control ad is poignant, probably going to upset gun owners


Let's watch this ad petitioning for stricter gun control laws without taking a hard stance on gun control either way.

myths about guns

12 gun conspiracy theories


Guns have become a hot button topic these days and as with any popular topic it's going to sprout some odd conspiracy theories.

video games and violence

Senator Lamar Alexander says guns don’t kill people, but video games do


While Tennessee Republican Lamar Alexander didn't say those exact words, the sentiment is definitely there.

President Obama

President Obama Goes Skeet Shooting ‘All the Time,’ Questions If He’d Let a Son Play Football


Must-read interview in The New Republic, where the newly-inaugurated President Obama discusses the pressing issues his second term.

the daily show

Jon Stewart Had a Terrific Rant on Gun Control Last Night


The gun issue in our country reminds me of a middle school dance: both sides of the room are full but no one wants to take that first frightening step to meet the other side in the middle and talk it over while C&C Music Factory provides the beats.

sunday night football

Bob Costas Used Sunday Night Football to Be a Disingenuous Idiot


When Bob Costas is on his game, he's the best interviewer in sports.

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