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Brad Paisely Stole a Fan’s GoPro and Performed a Guitar Solo With It

It's from the fretboard's perspective and it's cool as fuck.

This Polish Street Performer Can Play the Living Shit Out of a Guitar

I’m the last person at BroBible to ever cover anything related to the music beat, but shit, polish street performer, […]

If You’ve Ever Wanted to See Shaquille O’Neal Smash a Guitar, Then Today’s Your Day

The day the music died.

This Guy Plays Guitar While Karate-Chopping Through Flaming Bricks

This is some Jimi Hendricks-type shit.

Bro Plays 28 Classic Guitar Solos, Spanning 50 Years of Rock, in 6 Minutes

As they do, YouTube commenters are unhappily commenting on this video over what this guitar solo video is lacking. The majority of them seem to want a Pink Floyd, David Gilmour

Extremely Hot Chick Singing AC/DC Extremely Well is Extremely Arousing

Jess Greenberg singing Nirvana singlehandedly shut down BroBible HQ a few months ago. We watched it on repeat and thought impure thoughts for a good

100 Best Rock and Roll Guitar Riffs in One Epic 12-Minute Video

I guess this is a little old, but it doesn't diminish the awesomeness found here. I'm not really sure how we missed posting this over

Bro on Craigslist is Selling a Guitar that Promises to ‘Melt Everyone’s Face’

Yesterday, we posted about a dude selling his carpeted coffee table on Craigslist. Right after we put that up a reader emailed us about another