guinness stout

Guinness gets in Halloween spirit with Red Harvest


Guinness wants in on the seasonal beer game, but they aren't going to pretend to be German or throw pumpkin into their beer.

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Guinness beer ad features zero women, lots of wheelchairs


Very rarely can a beer commercial be described as touching, but that's exactly what Guinness managed to produce with their new ad featuring friends playing wheelchair basketball.

why does guinness take so long to pour

How to pour a perfect pint of Guinness


If you've ever watched and waited as your Guinness sat 75% full behind the bar, you know there's more to pouring their beer than just opening the tap.


17 Alcoholic Drinks That’ll Have You Feeling Lucky and Drunk on St. Patty’s Day


On my trip to Ireland last summer I learned to things about the Irish – they like to drink and they like to drink…a lot.

man chugs guinness

Man chugs 3 pints of Guinness in 15 seconds


While not the fastest chugging in the world, you have to respect a guy that can throw back three pints of Guinness.


Conan O’Brien wants free Guinness


Most people who go on brewery tours are just in it for the free booze.


10 Facts About Beer That Will Blow Your Mind


Beer has always been there to comfort us in our times of need.


World’s Fattest Woman Losing Weight Thanks to Insane Amount of Sex


Pauline Potter went into the Guinness Book of Records last year at 728 pounds (52st) in an effort to shame herself into dieting.


Guinness stout marshmallows rolled in crushed pretzels


Irish coffee is a great way to improve your work day, but what about the kids that are too young for coffee.

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