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Masterminds Perfectly Create GTA In Real-Life With Drone


Video games are getting pretty lifelike, but this fan-made GTA parody is as real as a video game can get.

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GTA IRL: Street Fight Interrupted By Drivers Bulldozing Dudes In The Street

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I'm not saying the drivers of those cars play too many video games, but I am saying that they probably spend way too much time playing Grand Theft Auto.

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The Incredible 60fps PC Trailer For GTA 5 Looks Like A Goddamn Movie


Sure the PC release of Grand Theft Auto V has been delayed several times, but based on this astonishing trailer it appears that the game will be definitely worth the wait.

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Check Out How This Guy Lost A Race In ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ At The Finish Line


This has to be one of the all-time worst ways to lose a race in Grand Theft Auto V.

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Bro Used ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Gameplay To Perfectly Recreate The Trailer For ‘Ant-Man’


Marvel damn near broke the Internet back in January when they released the first trailer for Ant-Man, featuring Paul Rudd as heroic flying ant super hero Scott Lang.

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Rockstar Games Confirms ‘Grand Theft Auto 6′ Will Actually Happen


Like McDonalds and Fast and Furious movies, the Grand Theft Auto video game series is a franchise that makes billions of dollars.

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Gamers Petition Target To Change Its ‘Violent Name And Aggressive Logo’ After Target Australia Drops GTA V


The video gaming community of Australia is an uproar after Target Australia decided to pulled GTA V from its shelves citing depictions of sexual violence and misogyny.

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