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Gamers Petition Target To Change Its ‘Violent Name And Aggressive Logo’ After Target Australia Drops GTA V


The video gaming community of Australia is an uproar after Target Australia decided to pulled GTA V from its shelves citing depictions of sexual violence and misogyny.

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Here’s A Full List Of All The New Grand Theft Auto 5 Songs For Xbox One/PS4

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Not going to lie, I've been EXTREMELY conflicted on whether or not to buy Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One over the last few days.

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Guy Becomes A Serial Killer In ‘Grand Theft Auto V’


This prank in Grand Theft Auto V's multiplayer is freaking fantastic.


Here’s Tupac in ‘GTA V’


Grand Theft Auto V's Los Santos contains Big Foot, which is kind of cool.


The Ultimate Guide to GTA V Cheat Codes


We've got a long, epic weekend of playing GTA V ahead of us.


Only In Florida Would a Couple Be Arrested for Stealing ‘GTA V’ From a Mentally Disabled Man


This is just terrible and just about the most WTFlorida thing ever.

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Meet the Gamer Geeks Who Were Waiting for GTA V at Midnight


Our dudes at Elite Daily set-up shop outside a New York City video game store and talked to the people waiting in line.

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