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Here’s A Full List Of All The New Grand Theft Auto 5 Songs For Xbox One/PS4

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Not going to lie, I've been EXTREMELY conflicted on whether or not to buy Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One over the last few days.

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Here’s How Much Better The Graphics Are In ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ On The PS4 Vs. The PS3


The big reveal from Rockstar Games this week is the inclusion of a first-person mode in their next-gen console release of Grand Theft Auto V later this month.

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Guy Becomes A Serial Killer In ‘Grand Theft Auto V’


This prank in Grand Theft Auto V's multiplayer is freaking fantastic.

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What If ‘Grand Theft Auto 5′ Was a First-Person Shooter?


Maybe this just says a lot about what post-grad life is like, but one of the highlights of my 2014 is beating Grand Theft Auto V.

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You must watch the ‘Terminator 2′ truck chase scene redone in ‘GTA V’


We've seen a lot of user-generated Grand Theft Auto V scenes, remakes and mods, but this one which recreates the Terminator 2 truck and bike chase scene might be the topper.


Real life Grand Theft Auto ends with guy getting hit with sweet justice


Between the camera angle and the fact this guy's dressed like Trevor from the latest game, this video is about as Grand Theft Auto as it gets.


Meet the Unluckiest ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Player Ever


Not to spoil the video—because it's a delight—but our 2008 Chad Ochocinco lookalike really goes through the ringer.

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