116 Things Every 20-Something Bro Remembers From Their Childhood

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As a generation of aging Gen Y children, many of us currently in our 20s love looking back with nostalgia at our halcyon days of innocence: When Carson Daly was an edgy voice-of-the-youth on MTV, not for housewives on Good Morning America.

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Here Is Steve-O Having The Time Of His Life At The Age Of 40


No matter how many Elite Daily articles you read, it's an absolute MYTH.

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Signs You’re Still Not An Adult: A Video Guide


This one hits close to home, especially the "treats excite you" part.

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Hoodie Allen’s ‘Act My Age’ Is The Ultimate Song About Partying After College

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The newest album from Hoodie Allen, People Keep Talking, drops next month.

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Things Every Grown Man Should Have


There are about 40 other things that could go on this list, but the point is clear: Get it together, MEN.

ways to tell if you've grown up

22 ways to tell that you’ve finally grown up


One day you might wake and realize you're no longer the party-hard youth of yesteryear.

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