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‘How Much Of A Grown-Up Are You?’ Is the Ultimate Life Guide for Millennials

Being a full-time adult can be a daunting occupation. It's largely a numbers game of questions starting with "when?" and "how much?"

Things Every Grown Man Should Have

There are about 40 other things that could go on this list, but the point is clear: Get it together, MEN.

7 Signs You Grew Up In A Boring Town

"This town sucks!" - Every high school senior at one point or another, until realizing that shit is pretty much the same everywhere.

5 Things That Were Only Acceptable To Do When You Were In College

Time to go up.

The 9 Most Important Life Lessons of Your 20s

It's an important time in your life.

7 Things Only Middle Children Understand

Poor middle children. No one's ever listening to them. If you happen to be one, this video is #tootrue that it's #scary.

Science! Has Discovered the Age We Physically and Mentally Peak

Bad news for the "peaked-in-high-school" crowd.

What You EXPECT About Growing Up Vs. What ACTUALLY Happens

  All guys look forward to reaching certain milestones, such as our first chest hair and our first legal beer, whichever […]

25 Reason 25 Shouldn’t Be the End Of Your Youth

So many people think that age 25 is the end-point of your youth, with nothing but babies and disappointment to look […]

Things You Miss the Most After Graduating College

If you're chained to a cubicle today, this one hits close to home today. You know how badly I wish I could reincorporate all these

5 Things Every Bro Should Understand by Age 22

Thanks, Internet, for making people think that wisdom such as “Cut off all your hair” and “Live with a roommate you hate” is quality advice.

Frustrated With Growing Up? Shut Up And Watch This Video

Grow a pair... 

29 Signs You’re Still a Kid

#20. You put chips in your sandwich and you don’t even try to hide it from your coworkers.

4 Ridiculous Things No One Tells You About Being an Adult

Once you reach adulthood, there's a pantsload of shit waiting for you that no one prepared you for. And it's not stuff like jury duty

5 Changing Perspectives That Show You’ve Become An Adult

The worst thing about growing up: My hand no longer fits in a Pringles can. Maybe that's just because I'm a fatty, though... 

5 Warning Signs That You’re Finally Getting Older

Look, I'm not going to bullshit you. You are going to get old, and it is going to happen lightning fast. You won't see it

17 Things You Hated As A Kid But Love As An Adult

#1: Naps. I hated naptime with a vengeance as a child. You know how much better life would be if I could just crawl into

5 Reasons You Don’t Miss Your 20s When They’re Over

People tend to look back on their youth with rose colored glasses, which is fine because if you lived your life without the ability to

Are You Getting Too Old For This Sh*t?

Eventually, we all agree with Roger Murtaugh.

This ‘30 Signs You’re Almost 30’ List is the Most Accurate Thing Ever, Needs to Be Shared More

Blog game respect blog game. I couldn't help but notice how many people on my Facebook page were sharing this Buzzfeed post by Jessica Misener last

6 Things I Regret Doing When I Was 22

Aptly and unoriginally named “the year with the most change in my life” in my mind, there are many things I wish I would have

9 Things You’re Too Old For In Your 20s

Once you hit, say, 23, it's time to start thinking about growing up.  Heyyy. LIKE BroBible on Facebook here.

Expectations Vs. Reality of Being In Your 20s

Really thought booze wouldn't drain the bank account in the way that it does... 

The 10 Worst Things About Growing Up

Growing up, man... It's not as fun as you think.

What The Hell Happened To Us?: The Decline of the Young Man in America

Recently, I read an article about the Matsigenka, a tribe that lives in the Peruvian Amazon. The men of the tribe have a highly regimented