grateful dead

Drummer For The Grateful Dead Claims He Had Sex With 13 Groupies In One Night


This year is the 50th anniversary of the Grateful Dead, America's very best roving gypsy rock band.


‘My Mommy Wants You To Be My New Daddy’ And Other Crazy Things Said To Me By Wrestling Groupies


Pro wrestlers are overgrown, immature, mildly masochistic people on a quest to bring credibility to the most ridiculous of situations.


The biggest breakup F U in the history of the world


In today's Guyism Speed Round, Chet Siegel discusses how rich people deal with break-ups and shocking groupie confessions.

sex stories

John Mayer Demands Fisting and Other (Possibly) True Stories From Groupies on Reddit


The best Reddit thread of the day has sports and music groupies dishing on supposed flings they've had with celebrities.


Lacrosse groupies are probably the best groupies


Which sport's groupies are the best among the bunch.

Miami Heat

Mario Chalmers embarrasses groupies


Heat guard Mario Chalmers was just minding his own business at a local club, popping bottles with his boys and enjoying the scenery.

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