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Most Annoying Couple Ever Announces Baby via Taylor Swift Song

If you haven't had your second cup of coffee yet, be prepared for a the nausea-inducing headache that comes with watching a couple's baby announcement

Today in Russia: Bathing Naked in Cheese

Russians. Always doing the weirdest things.

Playboy Model Has the Nastiest Butt Bruise Ever From Botched Golf-Swing Shot

We posted the video of this the other day. Now she posted a pic of the damage. Ew, ew, ew, ew.....

Bro Bangs Ugly Old Lady, Posts Video Bragging About It on Facebook

What. The. Fuck. Forget about how he helicopter’d the pink condom to kick things off, I thought that lady was […]

Is This The Biggest Fart Ever?

Poor guy... Just got done with a colonoscopy. He has doctor's orders to let 'em rip. Except his wife holds the camera on him to capture

Bro Eats Urinal Cake on NYE, Should Pop Urinal Mint If He’s Going To Hit on Women

New Years Eve is a crazy night. There are mad drunk people, happy drunk people, and madly happy drunk people eating urinal cakes for money. Auld

A LOT of People Were Tweeting About How Hot Their Cousin Is on Christmas Day

Ah, the holidays. Hopefully you got to spend some time with your family on Christmas Day! Because Twitter exists in our lives as a weird, Freudian steam

Meet the Woman Who Will Have Sex with 100,000 Men or Die Trying

I don't know what to say really. Good for her? Kind of concerning? She's fucking gross? I honestly have no idea how to respond to

Tim Hudson’s Broken Ankle Was Pretty Gnarly

Atlanta Braves pitcher Tim Hudson suffered a stomach-turning broken ankle during last night’s game against the New York Mets when he was spiked by Eric

You’ll Never Guess Where Golden Corral Hides Their Food During a Health Inspection

Spoiler Alert: It's somewhere gross. As fucking gross as it gets, actually. During inspections a Golden Corral in Florida (always Florida) puts a bunch of

Two Bros Eat Live Cicadas for $5 Each

These brave cicadas emerged from the ground to serenade us with their summer song. They were promptly eaten by a couple guys for a nominal

Kobe Bryant Wants to Show You What His Achilles Surgery Looked Like

Do you think there’s more pressure on Kobe Bryant or more pressure on the surgeon trusted with the highest-scoring ACL in the world? After seeing

Two Elephants Going At It Ends In Predictably Gross Fashion

Stay with it until the end. Or don't. Your call. 

UNLV’s Mike Moser Sustains Brutal Elbow Injury For You to Gawk At

There are few things I hate watching more than an injury video, and yet you rubes click through to watch athletes get hurt like it’s

Puking is a Sure-Fire Way to Lose an MMA Fight

I will admit that I am an MMA neophyte. Is this type of thing normal? Is that the draw? Do bulimics flock to the sport

Kid Licks Entire NYC Subway Railing For One Dollar

If you live in NYC or have ever watched a hobo urinate on something, then you know just how gross a subway railing is. I'd

Want to See What Riding and Training for 15 Tour De France’ Could Do to Your Leg?

After looking at this picture of cyclist Georgie Hincapie's leg I thought to myself, "JC, you'd be nothing but a f*ckin' criminal if you didn't