Watch This Guy Prank Bros On Spring Break By Pretending They Met On Grindr


If you’re on spring break and some random man runs up to you and your friends claiming to have met you on Grindr, it’s obviously got to be for a prank video, or at least a dare.


Watch This Horrified Mom Read Her Son’s Grindr Messages And Be Glad Your Parents Don’t Know Your Phone’s Passcode


I’ve never ventured onto Grindr, and judging from the messages this poor guy’s mom is stuck reading I made the right decision.


Conan Went On Grindr To Make ‘Friends,’ Except All The Friends Wanted To Suck Him Off So That Didn’t Quite Work


Conan O’Brien is no stranger to dating apps since back in July he went on Tinder with Dave Franco to find dates.


The Responses To This Dude On Grindr Asking About Scottish Independence Are Exactly What You’d Expect


We all know what Grindr is and what it’s used for (but if you don’t and want a quick explanation click here), one of those uses NOT being to poll people about their political stances.

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