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I Can’t Stop Watching These Syracuse Geeks Grill a Steak on Molten Lava

Could you eat a steak right now? What about a steak charred over FREAKIN' LAVA.

This Is How You Grill Meat Like A Fucking Boss So Your July Fourth Doesn’t Suck

I don't even LIKE steak and this is making me hungry.

Stupid Scientists Want You to Stop Grilling with Charcoal to Save the Environment

Stupid, stupid scientists.

VIDEO: The Most Bad Ass Way to Cook a Steak This Summer

You want to impress people? You do this.

Vince Wilfork’s Meat-Grilling Dance is a Sight to Behold

He is all that is man.

Is This the Hottest Girl You’ve Ever Seen in a Beer Commercial?

We think this broad is a dime. And so does Keith Stone. But is she the hottest ever? You tell us. 

Before You Grill, Watch This Important Hot Dog Announcement

Well, this changes everything. And just in time for the Fourth of July.