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I Can’t Stop Laughing at John Kuhn’s Epic ‘Lambeau Leap’ Fail

This is what happens when fullbacks score touchdowns at Lambeau. What a game, right guys?  GIF via Next Impulse Sports: 

Erin Andrews Is Wearing Pigtails at Lambeau Field

Reporting from the Green Bay-San Francisco game, Erin Andrews is wearing pigtails. It's 5 degrees with a -11 windchill, but EA's look is So. Hot. Stil our

HUGE Fight Breaks Out a Green Bay Packers Training Camp, Jermichael Finley Hammers Jarvis Reed

Big fight today at the Green Bay Packers training camp, resulting in Jermichael Finley punching the shit out of Jarvis Reed after a play. Bad

Green Bay’s NBC Station Used a ‘Replacement Weatherman’

A lot of people in Green Bay woke up hung over and rightly disgusted yesterday. Luckily, the local NBC affiliate is the funniest darn little