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Dear Universities, Stop Blaming Greek Life For Everything


There’s nothing a university loves more than a scapegoat, especially one made of students and easily cracked down on to make a public overture of “progress” in dealing with a problem.

University of Central Florida

Kappa Sigma At UCF’s Key West Fest Featured INSANELY Hot Chicks And Raising Over $30,000 For Charity


Via a tipster down our tip line: Every year we [Kappa Sigma] fill our parking lot with 200 tons of sand, effectively turning it into a beach, giving an authentic Key West feel while making the event highly unique in nature.

phi sigma sigma

A Girl Is Being Sued By Her Sorority For Revealing The SECRET Handshake In The Latest Threat To National Security


In this week's edition of Greek Life Taking Themselves Too Seriously: A girl is being sued by her sorority for revealing the secret handshake, starring rich girls who have nothing better to complain about.


N. Arizona University Sorority Girl Breaks Into A House, Strips, Assaults Police And Has LOTS Of Drugs In Her Pockets

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Before I begin I would like to say that the source this story originated from, the Arizona Daily Sun, did not identify Makena Marie Haydon, 20, as a student at Northern Arizona University.

university of massachusetts

Alpha Epsilon Pi At UMass Took Over Montreal For Their Spring Formal And The Footage Is INSANE


It’s been a few years since I’ve gone on a fraternity formal, but watching this video is bringing a tear to my eye with all the nostalgia that’s punching me in the face.

washburn university

Phi Delta Theta At Washburn University Suspended Over Texts About Having Sex With Minors


Phi Delta Theta at Washburn University has recently been suspended by their nationals after vulgar text messages sent between members of the chapter were discovered.


The Police Interview Transcript From Jon Hamm’s Hazing Incident At UT Austin Is Beyond Disturbing


Last week we told you about how Jon Hamm reportedly hazed the SHIT out of pledges while he was a Sigma Nu at the University of Texas at Austin, and while I can understand hazing to a degree…this is disturbing.


Alpha Epsilon Pi And Sigma Chi At USC Threw The SICKEST Day Drink You’ll Ever See

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I’ve been out of college for almost a full year now, and the only thing I really miss about it were the day drinks where it was completely acceptable to be black-out drunk by 1 p.

Mad Men

Jon Hamm Reportedly Hazed The SHIT Outta Pledges While In College At The University Of Texas At Austin


I spent the last 3 weeks binging on Mad Men, and after seeing Jon Ham waltz around as the suave Donald Draper this news doesn’t surprise me whatsoever.


Interactive U.S. Map Shows The Most Popular Fraternities In Each State


If you've been following the news recently, fraternities are on this country's shit list.

louisiana state university

Listen To A Former LSU Fraternity Pledge Reveal The Disgusting Hazing He Went Through During ‘Hell Week’

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Even though it’s widely condemned and seen as one of the worst things people are willing to go through in order to join a fraternity, I “get” hazing.

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