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Mississippi PIKE Arrested After Killing Two Flamingos At The Zoo In Fraternity Prank Gone Wrong


Just when you thought fraternities couldn't get any stupider, a University of Southern Mississippi frat Bro takes it to a whole new level.

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Belligerently Stupid Sorority Email Tells Sorority Girls They Can’t Be Seen With Any Boys


For the uninitiated, being in a sorority comes with a plethora of belligerently stupid rules.

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Let Delta Chi At The University Of Maryland’s Ice Bucket Challenge Remind You That Not All Frats Are ‘Bad’


Fraternities have been getting a pretty shit rap in the news lately, whether it's allegations of dumping roofies into girls' drinks at parties or rumors about pledges dying from being hazed, it hasn't exactly been a great month to justify to your parents why they're spending an extra $700 a semester for you to be in a frat.

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Chi Omega At The University Of Colorado’s Bid Day Video Is Full Of Hotties I Wanna Watch On Repeat


Out of all the sorority bid day videos I’ve seen, I think Chi Omega at the University of Colorado is my favorite.

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Some Dude Tried To Rush Sororities At The University Of Michigan And The Results Are Hilarious


Wow, it looks like all the srats at U Michigan don’t know how to take a joke.

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Phi Delt At Texas Tech Had A ‘No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal’ Banner And A Vagina Sprinkler At A Party

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If you somehow made it through four years of college without being sprayed in the face by a giant cardboard vagina at a hurricane party, you were doing something wrong.


Wesleyan University Rules That Fraternities Must Accept Women To Continue Operating On Campus


Connecticut's Wesleyan University is forcing some sweeping changes to its Greek system in the next few years.

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Chilling Threat Of Violence Towards Sororities At The University Of Alabama Puts School On Lockdown


Absolutely terrifying situation at the University of Alabama on late Sunday night/early Monday morning, putting the school in lockdown.

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We Made A Map Ranking The Frattiest Colleges In America

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Every year we get hundreds of e-mails from college students asking us about the frattiest colleges in America.

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