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We’ve Got a Real Life Jaws Situation Going On in Massachusetts Right Now

Great white shark spotting!

California Surfer Films Pants-Pissing Moment a Great White Shark Swims Under His Board

This is TURRRRIFYING. I don't know how people keep their cool in this situation. I couldn't do it. I'd fall right off the board, piss and

WOAH: Watch a Blood-Thirsty Great White Shark Penetrate Shark-Proof Cage

During this video, either the man holding the camera (vertically, damnit!), or someone else in the boat yells, "HOLY F*CKBALLS." It's appropriate.

This Autotuned Remix ‘Bite of the Great White’ Is a Fitting Capper to Shark Week

Shark Week. Where did you go? You burst into our lives just seven short days ago, making yourself at home in our living rooms and