Surfer Paddles For His Life To Escape Great White Attack, Photographer Captures Entire Ordeal


A surfer in Australia was greeted by a fesity great white shark while in the water at West Beach in Western Australia.


Dude From Massachusetts Catches 900+lb Bluefin Tuna, Saves It From Being Eaten By Great White Shark


So here we've got a dude reeling in a 900+lb Bluefin Tuna in less than 20 minutes, even after a great white shark shows up to scare the crap out of the fish.

western australia great shite

Only in Australia: Great white shark swallows adult sea lion and chokes to death


Only in Australia do we get to see footage of a great white shark eating and swallowing an adult sea lion, only to choke on it and wash up on shore two days later.


WOAH: Watch a Blood-Thirsty Great White Shark Penetrate Shark-Proof Cage


During this video, either the man holding the camera (vertically, damnit.


Chuck Patterson Films Two Great White Sharks While Surfing in San Onofre, California


Last week surfer and extreme sports pioneer Chuck Patterson went paddle surfing off the coast of San Onofre, Calirfornia, near a famous surf spot known as Trestles.

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