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The Basketball Dunk May Create Some Hyperbole

Javonte Douglas is not afraid of heights. The 6-foot-7 leaper plays his ball at the College of Central Florida. If he keeps dunking like this,

High School Running Back Completes Wildly Improbable Touchdown Run

High school football is the gift that keeps on giving, primarily because no one can tackle worth a damn. Thus, things like this keep happening.

Here’s an Insane High School Football Touchdown

The best touchdown of the weekend may have come courtesy of a high school kid. Before you get all dubious, take a look for yourself.

Amazing Sequence at Red Sox Game Features a Great Play and Women Losing Things

Boston Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino made a tremendous leaping catch down the right-field line last night at Fenway Park. Amazingly enough, his slick grab

Aaron Hicks Makes Slick Leaping Catch Against Wall to Save Game, Pays the Price in Pain

Minnesota Twins outfielder Aaron Hicks hasn’t torn the circuit up with his bat, but he’s more than made up for it with his glove. All

Tulsa Won Conference USA Thanks to a Super-Weird Punt Return

Tulsa punt returner Trey Watts should get a 99 rating in awareness in all subsequent football games.

This is One of the Most Impressive Quarterback Scrambles You’ll Ever See

Holy hell, that took forever. Dude’s name is Vernon Adams, who plays quarterback for Eastern Washington. The team that can’t tackle is Sacramento State.

Ichiro Suzuki’s Astounding Maneuver at Home Plate Has to Be Seen to Be Believed

Ichiro Suzuki plays the game a little differently than practically any player that’s ever put on a uniform. He hits like a women’s softball player,

The Last 5 Years of the Best Sports Highlights In 5 Minutes

Because we love sports. Because we love watching videos of athletes doing the ridiculous. Because we hate working on the Friday before a long weekend.