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Australian Hockey Player Celebrates Game-Winning Goal by Sliding on His Head

Then again, that's like staying on your feet in the Southern Hemisphere.

Chelsea Scored a Goal Bound to Make You Weep Uncontrollably and Wonder How Something Could be So Beautiful

Pretty things.

Peruvian Soccer Player Scores 70-Yard Goal, Goalie is Partially to Blame

From way downtown.

Robin van Persie’s Incredible Header is the Only Thing People are Talking About This Morning


Neymar’s Backheel Assist Will Make You Wonder Why Humans Even Need Toes

Back and to the left.

Joe Garner’s Volley Goal Will Make You Reassess All Your Long-Held Gravitational Beliefs

Inertia is a property of matter.

West Brom’s Graham Dorrans Scored a Goal That Will Make You Type “My Eyes are Bleeding” Into WebMd

That's a spicy meatball.

Geoff Platt’s Juggling Goal Was Poetry on Ice


Steven Gerrard Scored a Free Kick Goal That Will Make You Reconsider the True Nature of Mankind


Hulk Scored a Goal That Will Make You Rip Your Shirt Off Your Rippling Torso

Hulk smash.

Young Ecuadoran Soccer Star Takes on Entire Country of Paraguay, Scores Impressive Goal

A man. A plan. Ecuador.

High School Soccer Player Boots 70-Yard Goal Two Seconds Into the Game

Quick strike.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Scored a Goal That Will Make You Count Your Fingers and Toes to Make Sure They’re All There

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has a long history of shocking goals. He continued that proud legacy this afternoon in Paris Saint-Germain’s Champions […]

Charles Bertrand Scored a Goal That Will Make You Ponder Your Own Mortality

With some of the league’s top talent in Sochi, the NHL decided to take a break. But not every league […]

Lionel Messi Scored a Goal That Will Make You Wonder If He’s a Human Being

Lionel Messi is playing soccer again. And he's still ridiculously good at it. 

Sick European Handball Goal? Sick European Handball Goal

Handball hasn't quite caught on in the United States the same way it has in other countries. But that doesn't mean we can't appreciate the

High School Hockey Player Scored a Goal Worthy of a Website Post

Jake Levy plays high school hockey for Weston (Fla.) Cypress Bay. He has a bright future, considering this ridiculous between-the-legs goal.  

Alessandro Florenzi’s Bicycle-Kick Goal Will Make You File Your Taxes Early This Year

Alessandro Florenzi's name is full of vowels and his game is full of flair. His ridiculous bicycle-kick goal for AS Roma dropped jaws across the

Luis Suarez Scored a Goal That Will Make You Spit Out Liquid Dramatically

Luis Suarez is not a bad soccer player. He showed exactly how much he doesn't suck yesterday with this spectacular free-kick goal against Hull City

Ronaldinho Must Be Joking With This Free-Kick Goal

Ronaldinho was once the biggest soccer player on the planet. That was several pounds and a weird webcam masturbation session ago.

This Soccer Goal Will Change Everything You Think You Know About Physics

Malaga's Eliseu didn't bend it like Beckham. He bent it like Kreskin. 

Louis Holtby Scored a Goal That Will Cause Your Loins to Fill With Blood

Tottenham's Louis Holtby scored this magnificent juggling goal against Anzhi yesterday in Champions League action. He proved, unlike Derek Zoolander, he could go left --

Luis Suarez Scored a Goal That Will Make You Question Your Very Existence

Liverpool star Luis Suarez scored one of the more visually appealing goals you’ll ever see early on in today’ s match against Norwich City. The

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Sick Hat Trick Puts Portugal in World Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat trick to lift Portugal past Sweden and into the World Cup. If he wasn’t already the best soccer player on

9-Year-Old German Kid Scores Insane Goal

This kid is 9. If he’s twice as good at 18, he’ll make everyone forget Lionel Messi. If he’s three times as good at 27,

Soccer Team Saved by Goalie’s Bicycle-Kick Goal

Because it's a goalie scoring a crucial bicycle-kick goal. 

It’s an Absolute Tragedy This Lionel Messi Goal Didn’t Count

Lionel Messi is perhaps the best athlete in the world despite barely qualifying to ride roller coasters at amusement parks. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Made Fire Come Out of a Soccer Ball

Slow down, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. You’re making my eyes bleed.

Man With Awesome Name Scores Awesome Goal

Fulham’s Pajtim Kasami decided to make you aware of his existence with this delightful bit of skill against Crystal Palace. Now you know ‘bout him. Fulham’s

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Scored an All-Time Great Goal

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a special talent, so it should come as no surprise when he does something special. But this right here is beyond special.

Another Night, Another Between-the-Legs Goal in the NHL

Thomas Vanek saw how much people enjoyed Tomas Hertl's between-the-legs goal yesterday, so he decided to try it for himself.

Vladimir Weiss Puts on Dribbling Clinic, Scores Champions League Goal

Please make BroBible your go-to place for men nutmegging other men. No judgments here.

Yaya Toure’s Free-Kick Goal Was As Awesome As His Name

Manchester City is currently putting the hurt on Newcastle United and you care because America is suddenly soccer-crazy.

Chelsea’s Frank Lampard Scores Delightful Free-Kick Goal

Chelsea’s Frank Lampard scored the goal of the young Barclays Premier League season moments ago. Warning: Not safe for goalkeepers.

Women’s Soccer: Where Goals Happen 3 Seconds After Kickoff

Once you get hooked on Serbian women’s soccer, it’s hard to stop watching. That’s what they say, right?

High School Soccer Player Wins State Title With Miracle Free Kick

Luke Strebel’s life peaked in high school – but in a good way. He found the net with a 54-yard free kick in sudden death

Sidney Crosby Proves Why He’s the Best By Scoring Incredible Goal

Order was restored in the universe last night as the Pittsburgh Penguins blasted the New York Islanders, 4-0, to take a 3-2 series lead. Sidney

Just a Casual Lacrosse Goal from 80 YARDS OUT

And it actually proved to be an integral one. This complete stunner from La Salle's Stefan Bergman helped propel the Explorers to an 11-9 victory

Chelsea’s Demba Ba Scores Sick Goal Against Manchester City

Chelsea's Demba Ba scored this spectacular goal against Manchester City in the FA Cup semifinal. It was damn impressive.

Pedro’s Late Heroics Help Barcelona Avoid Champions League Elimination

Barcelona survived a scare from Paris Saint-Germain and advanced the semifinals of the Champions League thanks to this goal by Pedro – which came just