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Sammy Watkins Can’t Stop Making Spectacular One-Handed Catches

One hand is better than two.

High School Baseball Player Risks Life for Foul Ball, Makes Catch

Great effort.

Alcides Escobar Made a Ridiculous Over-the-Shoulder Catch


Little Pop Warner Bro Makes Sick Touchdown Grab

This is one hell of a play by a little dude. Let’s hope it’s not the highlight of his life or it will just be

High School Dude Makes Sick One-Handed Grab, Will Coast Rest of Life

Cameron Hilton, a wide receiver for Webster Groves (Mo.) hauled in this astounding grab during his team’s 42-39 state quarterfinal victory. A play like this

High School Football Announcer Loses His Mind Over Great Catch

This announcer dude is pretty exciting about a catch in a high school football game. I’ve never once been this excited about anything in my

Did Stanford’s Kodi Whitfield Make the Play of the Year?

Well, this is a special play. A very special play that deserves to watched over and over again. A play that would get Kodi Whitfield

Antonio Brown Makes Unreal Touchdown Grab

Antonio Brown was the only bright spot for the Pittsburgh Steelers last night, hauling in nine catches for 196 yards and two touchdowns – including

High School Wide Receiver Makes Legitimately Fantastic One-Handed Catch

The kid’s name is Tyler Balla, which is pretty unfair. You’re probably named Dave Smith or something not as awesome. The high school senior’s catch

High School Bro Makes Sick Catch Behind Defender’s Back, Is Robbed By Ref

Because officials everywhere suck, this slick grab by Nick Bokun of Hobart (Ind.) was ruled incomplete. Injustice exists on every rung of the football ladder.

USC WR Makes Sick Catch Behind Defender’s Back

We’re talking about a scrimmage. Not a game. Not a game. A scrimmage.

Reggie Wayne Made a Catch You’ll Have to See to Believe

The Indianapolis Colts spent the offseason filling their playbook with unconventional plays. So this Andrew Luck touchdown pass to Reggie Wayne touchdown pass last night

Kansas City Royals OF Alex Gordon Survives Collision With Wall, Makes Great Catch

Alex Gordon got up close and personal with the left-field fence this afternoon in Detroit. Love comes in all shapes and sizes, so we shouldn’t

This Ultimate Frisbee Catch Will Make Your Loins Tingle

Major League Ultimate is a professional sports league that exists. While you’re probably not going to be fielding a Frisbee fantasy team anytime soon, it

Los Angeles Angels CF Peter Bourjos May Have Made the Catch of the Year

Los Angeles Angeles manager Mike Scioscia has taken some heat for moving young phenom Mike Trout to left field in favor of Peter Bourjos. But

Game-Winning Softball Catch Features Girl Running Through a Fence

Yesterday, Ohio and Miami (Ohio) stopped partying long enough to field softball teams and compete in the MAC Tournament. The game yielded this incredible moment.

Philadelphia Phillies CF Ben Revere Makes Unbelievable Diving Catch

Well, it’s only mid-April, so calling something “the catch of the year” might be irresponsible. But what Philadelphia’s Ben Revere did last night in Cincinnati

Boston Red Sox Fan Makes Spectacular One-Handed Snag on Foul Ball

A Boston Red Sox Bro corralled a foul ball yesterday with a slick one-handed grab without benefit of a mitt. Dude didn’t even look excited.

Who Made a Better One-Handed Grab: Jason Avant or Kris Durham?

Just a couple of sick one-handed grabs by unheralded wide receivers yesterday.