Watch This High School Basketball Player Hit His Chin On The Rim For Those Of You Losers Who Can’t


We recently posted a video of 6'1'' Jordan Kilganon doing an insane 'lost and found' jam, combining coordination and ungodly hops.

Sandra Bullock herpes

‘Gravity’ director almost gave Sandra Bullock herpes


This is one of those "lost in translation" moments, right.

Isaac Newton

Rotund woman’s table dance ends as well as you’d expect


So this large, busty woman was like, "hey everyone, look at me, look how stupid I am dancing on this table.

short film

See the other side of ‘Gravity’ in ‘Aningaaq’


No, that's not "Gravity" spelled backwards and upside down, although it sort of looks like it.

Sandra Bullock

22 new images from ‘Gravity’


When James Cameron calls your flick "the best space movie ever made," you know it's good.

space shuttle

Trailer for ‘Gravity’ shows Sandra Bullock drifting in space


Sandra Bullock is best known for her lengthy list of chick flicks, but growing up she always wanted to be an astronaut.

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