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This 80-Year-Old Grandma Is Known As The ‘Gang Bang Queen,’ Claims She’s Slept With Over 1,000 Men AND Been In Porn


There’s nothing quite like realizing you haven’t had a good barf in a few weeks and then stumbling across a story about grandmothers who have orgies with men as young as 18.


Girl puts on grandma costume and pole dances in the middle of crowded streets


To promote Sexpo, an Australian sex convention, some hot chick dressed up like a grandma and did sultry pole dance moves in the middle of crowded streets.


Awesome Penn State Grandma Does a Beer Bong


This amazing tailgate video comes from the fields of Happy Valley, where Nittany Lion faithful tailgated before/after Penn State's victory over Purdue.


Grandma Roots for Iowa, Can Take a Beer Bong Down Like a Champ


Iowa squeaked by Northern Illinois, 18-17, on Saturday at Chicago’s Soldier Field.

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