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Clown Hooker Grandmas Are Now Offering Gas Station Hand Jobs For $2

To be fair it was originally $3, but they bartered against themselves.

Here’s a Grandma Just Killing It On Some Music Store Drums

She looks both like Beavis AND Butthead. From any angle, she rocks harder than most men half her age.

Epic Granny On Philly SEPTA Bus Asks, ‘B*tch You Wanna Get Your Teeth Knocked Down Your Throat?’

Epic Beard Man, meet your soulmate! This sassy, tough-talking Philly grandma on a SEPTA bus is hard and probably going to be the

Behold, The Power of Bacon!: Grandmother Beats, Tortures Nine-Year Old for Eating Too Much Bacon

You'd be a damn fool to question the supernatural powers of bacon. Our favorite cured meat can cause people to do strange, strange things. It's

Sweet Old Grandmother Reads Odd Future’s Dirty, Obscene Tweets

Tyler, The Creator and the other members of Odd Future are notoriously combative and obscene on Twitter. Alas, the same dear old Grandma who once

VIDEO: Grandma Reads 50 Cent’s Tweets

Here's a delightful holiday video of a grandmother reading 50 Cents' Tweets. Because nothing says "Happy Holidays" like grandma's rant about "white b*tches."