The Sopranos

‘The Sopranos’ opening gets the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ treatment


Now I want to watch The Sopranos and play Grand Theft Auto.

Ryan Stone

How one guy terrorized the Denver area in a real-life Grand Theft Auto


A drug suspect named Ryan Stone led Denver police on of the craziest chases the world has ever seen.

violent video games list

9 of the most violent video games ever


Violent video games have become a way of life.


Six-Year-Old Students Caught Acting Out Rape and Drug Scenes From ‘Grand Theft Auto’


Parents of children at the Coed-y-Brain Primary School, in Llanbradach, Caerphilly (dear Lord is Welsh indecipherable), recently received notice from the school that their very young kids were behaving very badly.


Real life Grand Theft Auto ends with guy getting hit with sweet justice


Between the camera angle and the fact this guy's dressed like Trevor from the latest game, this video is about as Grand Theft Auto as it gets.


The ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Stunt Montage Will Blow Your Mind


This guy, Ben Buja, is really fucking good at Grand Theft Auto.

Video games

Kid Throws Top-Notch Tantrum After Mom Takes Away His GTA V


I got in some hot water for calling a fat kid fat the other week so I’m a little apprehensive to write this post.

video game Easter eggs

26 crazy Easter eggs in ‘Grand Theft Auto V’


Whether you think you've played every bit of Grand Theft Auto V or you're just beginning these 26 hidden Easter eggs will make your playing experience even crazier.

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