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What If ‘Grand Theft Auto 5′ Was a First-Person Shooter?

Maybe this just says a lot about what post-grad life is like, but one of the highlights of my 2014 is beating Grand Theft Auto

This ‘GTA V’ and ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Mashup Is Great for Fans of Bad Words

OH the profanity!

Six-Year-Old Students Caught Acting Out Rape and Drug Scenes From ‘Grand Theft Auto’

Parents of children at the Coed-y-Brain Primary School, in Llanbradach, Caerphilly (dear Lord is Welsh indecipherable), recently received notice from the school […]

Meet the Unluckiest ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Player Ever

Not to spoil the video—because it's a delight—but our 2008 Chad Ochocinco lookalike really goes through the ringer. "Rube Goldberg Machine of Death" would make for a good

Hot Girl Plays Real Life ‘Grand Theft Auto’ in Lingerie

Impressive video here. If you're a fan of good looking ladies and Grand Theft Auto, you'll love this video of a busty lingerie-clad blonde reenacting GTA

5 Things Critics Love About ‘GTA V’ (That Actually Suck)

The whole point of the Internet is to destroy what you love, which is what I'm about to do, here. Here are the five best

Watch the World’s Most Pissed Off Grandmother Unleash Her Wrath on ‘GTA V’

Pissed off at a hike in gas prices, "Gamer Gran 87" summoned the fury of decades of incontinence to kill half of Los Santos in

The ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Stunt Montage Will Blow Your Mind

This guy, Ben Buja, is really fucking good at Grand Theft Auto. Can you drop a jet ski from a helicopter into a suburban pool?

This Collection of ‘GTA V’ Stunts Will Blow Your Mind

This guy, Ben Buja, is really good at GTA. Watch him drop a jetski from a helicopter into a pool, and do a whole lot

Here’s Tupac in ‘GTA V’

Grand Theft Auto V's Los Santos contains Big Foot, which is kind of cool. But this is much cooler: Tupac, it has recently been discovered,

Watch the Dynamite Fifth Episode of ‘Grand Theft Auto Mythbusters’

It's time yet again for Mythbusters, GTA-style. We've learned that a car out of gas cannot be blown up; that you can survive a truck crashing

Bored? Watch the Best ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Fails

Here's further proof that this game is, in fact, insane.

Here’s Video of a 13-Car Demolition Derby Staged On GTA V’s Tallest Building

What happens when you actually get 13 people to play fair on Grand Theft Auto online? 13 agreeable people on a map filled with frothing-at-the-mouth 12-year-olds,

Watch the Actor Who Plays Trevor from ‘GTA V’ Scream at a Fan

To be fair, the fan asked him to.

Check Out 41 Tiny Mind-Blowing Things About ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

They genuinely thought of everything. Even the sound your car makes after it gets overheated.

5 More ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Myths Put to the Test

As GTA'ers dive deeper and deeper into Los Santos—leaving behind both the real world and, possibly, their sanity—they (okay, we) are starting to discover some pretty

The Ultimate Guide to GTA V Cheat Codes

We've got a long, epic weekend of playing GTA V ahead of us. Before you dive into an epic Los Santos binge, you better know

‘Grand Theft Auto Online’: What You Need To Know

So, today, Grand Theft Auto Online, which is half of Grand Theft Auto V, hits the streets. But what do you need to know before you start playing?

Debunking 5 More Myths about ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

Last week, we showed you five common GTA myths, and how they can be easily exposed as bullshit. Many more hours were spent in Los Santos

Debunking 5 Common Myths About ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

This is one of those videos everyone who bought Grand Theft Auto V last week needs to watch. There's a lot of bullshit floating around

Only In Florida Would a Couple Be Arrested for Stealing ‘GTA V’ From a Mentally Disabled Man

This is just terrible and just about the most WTFlorida thing ever. For months, Rohan Dawkins has been saving $10 from every paycheck to buy the $150

This Is The BEST Easter Egg In ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ (So Far)

If you're gainfully employed like myself and didn't use your remaining vacation days for a video game binge, you probably haven't had as much time

Watch Conan Play ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ in the Best Clueless Gamer Segment Ever

Conan O’Brien is a self-admitted clueless gamer. But never has his unfamiliarity with video games yielded bigger laughs than last night, when he sat down

There’s a Badass Move In GTA V That Lets You Blow Up Cars By Jumping and Flipping On Them

Great, great find here by Rooster Teeth. If you haven't already tried it, flipping the characters in GTA V is fun as hell. Even better

Review: GTA 5 is So Damn Realistic, It’s Boring

We've been binging on GTA 5 for almost 30 straight hours now. How much more realistic could it possibly get? 

Kate Upton Is NOT the Model In the ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Ads. But Guess Who Is?!?!?!

You're never going to believe who it actually is... 

The Map for Grand Theft Auto 5 Leaked and… OMG… See You Later, World, When It Comes Out…

Every day when I walk to our office, I go past this big, badass mural for Grand Theft Auto 5 that just gets me more

OH YES, OH YES: The ‘GTA V’ Official Trailer Is Here

Today, the sprawling land of Los Santos gets the full cinematic treatment; something that will probably be the last look we get of Grand Theft

This ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Online Video Just Blew My Mind

In Grand Theft Auto V's online mode, you and 15 friends can parachute onto a bank, pull off a carefully orchestrated heist, and high-tail it

The 7 Craziest Cheats In Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto may be a brilliant franchise and the games are some of the best to play without cheating, but you can’t deny that

10 Reasons You Should Be Excited for ‘Grand Theft Auto’ 5

Earlier this week we brought you nine mind-blowingly awesome facts that you probably didn’t know about the Grand Theft Auto franchise and GTA V, BUT

9 Facts About Grand Theft Auto That Will Blow Your Mind

You have just two short months before Grand Theft Auto V comes out and it’s promising to be the best, most enjoyable in the series

The Official Gameplay Trailer for ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Is Here and It’s SICK!

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. The official gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto V is here, revealing the first in-game footage for Rockstar's signature open-world. I

YouTube Reacts to ‘Grant Theft Auto V’

Rockstar's crown jewel of 2013, Grand Theft Auto V, isn't set to launch for three more months. Like millions of you, I have my copy reserved!

Watch an EPIC New Trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5, Now with Awesome Gameplay Footage

This morning Rockstar Games released an epic new trailer revealing more details about the most highly anticipated video game launch of the year. The description

Here’s the Official Box Art for ‘Grand Theft Auto V’


Grand Theft Auto V Just Released a New Trailer and the Game Looks Amazing

Grand Theft Auto V released its second trailer today, and it's a stunningly rendered, very funny two minutes of game reveal, all set to Stevie

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

Grand Theft Auto is going back to Cali.