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Someone Recreated the ‘Terminator 2′ Car Chase Using ‘Grand Theft Auto 5′

Come with Trevor if you want to live.

‘Grand Theft Auto Online’: What You Need To Know

So, today, Grand Theft Auto Online, which is half of Grand Theft Auto V, hits the streets. But what do you need to know before you start playing?

20 Scenes from the PG Version of ‘Grand Theft Auto’

How to make the least politically-correct video game of all time politically correct. 

Debunking 5 Common Myths About ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

This is one of those videos everyone who bought Grand Theft Auto V last week needs to watch. There's a lot of bullshit floating around

There’s a Badass Move In GTA V That Lets You Blow Up Cars By Jumping and Flipping On Them

Great, great find here by Rooster Teeth. If you haven't already tried it, flipping the characters in GTA V is fun as hell. Even better

Review: GTA 5 is So Damn Realistic, It’s Boring

We've been binging on GTA 5 for almost 30 straight hours now. How much more realistic could it possibly get? 

Kate Upton Is NOT the Model In the ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Ads. But Guess Who Is?!?!?!

You're never going to believe who it actually is... 

The Map for Grand Theft Auto 5 Leaked and… OMG… See You Later, World, When It Comes Out…

Every day when I walk to our office, I go past this big, badass mural for Grand Theft Auto 5 that just gets me more

Let a Few Hot Chicks Serenade You with Song about ‘GTA V’

Eight days. Eight fucking days.

The 7 Craziest Cheats In Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto may be a brilliant franchise and the games are some of the best to play without cheating, but you can’t deny that

Watch an EPIC New Trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5, Now with Awesome Gameplay Footage

This morning Rockstar Games released an epic new trailer revealing more details about the most highly anticipated video game launch of the year. The description

Rockstar Games FINALLY Announces Grand Theft Auto V Release Date

After dozens of Grand Theft Auto V screenshots, two trailers, and some juicy details were leaked to Game Informer back in December, we finally—finally—know when the

Grand Theft Auto V Just Released a New Trailer and the Game Looks Amazing

Grand Theft Auto V released its second trailer today, and it's a stunningly rendered, very funny two minutes of game reveal, all set to Stevie

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

Grand Theft Auto is going back to Cali.