This ‘Beck vs. Kanye West’ Mashup Of ‘Loser’ Is The Nail In Yeezy’s Coffin

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In the 48 hours since Kanye West left the Grammy's stage after a near-outburst only to later defecate all over Beck's artistic prowess, the public has brandished their pitchforks and are calling for Kanye's blood.

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Shirley Manson Calls Kanye A ‘Complete Twat’ In Ferocious Open Letter


Garbage lead singer Shirley Manson said what everything was thinking after Kanye West's douchebaggery during the Grammys.


Chrissy Teigen Made John Legend Very Uncomfortable When She Admitted They Had Sex At An Obama-Hosted Event


Extra Crooner John Legend and his model wife Chrissy Teigen attended the Grammys on Sunday night.


Zach Braff Had The Most Racist Grammy Tweet Of The Night Where He Compared Pharrell To A Monkey

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You'd think that someone so prominently in the public eye would think twice before comparing Pharrell to a monkey via their personal Twitter.

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Cleavage Ruled As The Top Fashion Accessory On The 2015 Grammys Red Carpet


Apparently this year's fashion go-to for the 2015 Grammys was showing off as much cleavage as possible.

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Taylor Swift Goes Full White Girl With Most Awkward White Girl Dance Yet


It was only a matter of time before Taylor Swift went full white girl at the 2015 Grammy Awards this evening.


I Asked Nelly About What It Was Like To Party With Trey Anastasio At The Grammys Back In The Day


Last Saturday, in Phoenix, I had the opportunity to interview Nelly after a magnificent performance at Bud Light's House Of Whatever Super Bowl party.


Rihanna, Kanye West And Paul McCartney Released Their ‘FourFiveSeconds’ Video, Will Perform At Grammys


Today the Grammys announced that Rihanna, Paul McCartney and Kanye West will be performing their new single "FourFiveSeconds" live on Sunday night during their show, which is amazing timing considering that they also just released a music video for the song today.


The Music Circle Jerk Award Nominations, I Mean Grammy Nominations, Are Out


Few things annoy me more than the bloated amount of self-aggrandizing that goes on in the film, TV and music businesses, but because people eat this shit up with a spoon here are some of the stupid Grammy nominations that have come out so far today.

Slipknot Grammys

By the way, there was a nightmare-inducing clown on the Grammys red carpet last night


If you watched the Grammys pre-show (and why wouldn't you have), you may have caught a glimpse of a frightening human being wearing a scaryass clown mask rolling on the red carpet.

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