Slipknot Grammys

By the way, there was a nightmare-inducing clown on the Grammys red carpet last night


If you watched the Grammys pre-show (and why wouldn't you have), you may have caught a glimpse of a frightening human being wearing a scaryass clown mask rolling on the red carpet.


2014 Grammys complete winners list and the sexy ladies who were there


There are only two things anyone needs to know about the 56th annual Grammy Awards: who the winners were and what hot ladies were in attendance.

Taylor Swift

How HOT Was Taylor Swift Headbanging at the Grammys?


Taylor Swift looked like 100% wifey material at the Grammys tonight, especially when she got her head-bang on during her performance.


Daft Punk Is Playing the Grammys


Random Access Memories was one of 2013's biggest albums—but the robots responsible for it haven't played a show since its release.


18 artists that inexplicably never won a Grammy


Winning a Grammy is a major achievement for musicians, but there have been several occasions where for some reason, despite the artist's greatness, they never managed to take home a trophy.

grammys 2013

Our Official Grammy Awards Drinking Game


Tonight is the 2013 Grammy Awards, or, an opportunity for music lovers across the world to make snarky quips on Twitter about the dreary state of modern commercial music.


Chris Brown has finally deleted his Twitter account


Now somebody just needs to delete Chris Brown.

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