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Attention Auburn: Florida State Fans Are Defacing Your Student Center

Are you guys going to let this offense go on unchecked? Isn't it your SEC-bound duty to add a "Fuck" above it or something even

Justin Bieber Takes Pro-Chris Brown, Pro-Weed Stance in Single Act

There's Justin Bieber, just committing some graffiti crime on the streets of Bogota, Colombia.

5 Famous Banksy Graffiti Artworks, Now as Animated GIFs

We don't post a ton of what you would call "art" on the site, but Banksy should always be an exception. 

12 Photos of Bathroom Graffiti From Different Colleges Around the Country

Courtesy of a site called Potty-o-Graphy  comes photos of literal toilet humor seen in stalls at colleges around the country. If you have some sh*t-time

‘Ni**as In Paris’ Gets Videojacked By Parisian Graffiti Artists In Unofficial Music Video

Stay tuned tomorrow at 12 noon. That's when Jay-Z and Kanye West will break the Internet when they drop their music video for "Ni**as In

Graffiti Artist Set to Make an Estimated $200 Million with Facebook’s IPO

Everyone is talking about the Facebook IPO. There's so many questions that need answered: Who's gonna make money? Who's gonna lose money? Is it really