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This Bro’s Pre-Work Pep Talk Describes What It’s Like To Have A Job And Not Dick Around At College

So true it hurts.

5 Things You Absolutely Must Do After Graduation

Grad stuff.

Pitbull Received an Honorary Doctorate from Doral College and Then Threw Up the Middle Finger In a Pic

Congrats, or something?

Jim Carrey Gave an Enlightening Graduation Speech at a Small College in Iowa

Did you know Jim Carrey is a Hindu?

43 More Reasons I Miss College, Graduation Edition

Ahhhhh... Graduation. The only time it's acceptable to puke and rally, then throw on a graduation gown.

Georgia Southern Bro Films Graduation with GoPro, Is So #2014

Question: did the dean who gave this guy his diploma have ANY clue why he had a camera on a rolled-up program?

This Illinois State University Senior’s Farewell Speech Will Give You Chills

It's that time of year, college seniors; The best four years of your life, as they say, are almost over.

Brian Williams’ Graduation Speech to Elon’s Class of 2013 Includes a Special Message to His Son

This speech is the best thing you'll watch today. Here at BroBible, we have a lot of love for Elon. It mostly has to do

An Open Letter to the Class of 2014

Rising Seniors, 

How to Get Drunk During Graduation

This flask is genius!

10 Things You Never Have to Deal with Again After College

Look on the brightside, Class of 2013: You'll never have to deal with this bullsh*t ever again. 

The 5 Stages of Graduation Grief

Just remember, recent and soon-to-be graduates of the class of 2013: Six weeks from now you'll be listlessly eating Captain Crunch at 2pm, watching Montel

6 Harsh Realities You Will Discover After College

For college seniors across the country the end is in sight. Maybe a few papers and another sleepless Adderall binge during finals week is all

5 Pieces of Advice Every High School Graduate Should Get

If you're saying, "Why is he telling me this now? I don't graduate until spring!" then the odds are you're already behind the curve.  

Watch Drake’s High School Graduation Speech

Drake dropped out of high school at 15. On the week of his 26th birthday, Drake finished 5 months of class work to graduate from

‘You’re Not Special’: David McCullough Jr’s Commencement Speech That Knocks You Down a Few Pegs

The worst part is, he was giving this commencement speech to a class of special ed kids. No, that's actually a complete lie, but it's

College Grads: Things Could Be Worse

The job market isn't great for college kids out there. Hell, one of the biggest shows on TV right now, "Girls," is really only about

Nothing Spices Up a Graduation Ceremony Like a Sex Tape

I didn’t go to my college graduation and I regret it to this day. But I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if the Michigan

Watch Andy Samberg’s Hilarious Commencement Speech at Harvard’s 2012 Class Day

Just like Conan O'Brien and Will Ferrall, SNL alumni Andy Samberg gave a speech at Harvard's annual Class Day. And as to be expected, it

University of Texas Offering a Pubic Affairs Degree

Oh boy. This is a hairy situation. Those attending this weekend’s commencement at the University of Texas’ School of Public Affairs were privy to a

High School Student’s Diploma Withheld After He Tebows During Graduation

When Chuck Shriner’s buddies bet him $5 he wouldn’t Tebow while receiving his high school diploma, he knew he’d just made some easy money. What

The Graduation Manifestbro

Editor's Note: A Bro by the handle of Brobert Downey Jr. wrote this in the Brommunity and with graduation upon us we figured we'd bring

Dom Mazzetti On Graduating From College

Dom Mazzetti, our favorite Monster Energy-chugging, pasta primavera-eating YouTube meathead, finally got around to graduating college. Let's hear him reminisce about the best four five