military homecoming

Navy Mom Makes Tearful Return As She Surprises Her Son At His Graduation


ABC 33/40 - Birmingham News, Weather, Sports During the graduation ceremony at Paul W.

child prodigy

11-Year-Old Bro Just Graduated College With 3 Degrees, Plans On Becoming POTUS Next


At only 11-years-old Tanishq Abraham just graduated from American River College in Sacramento with not one, not two, but THREE associate degrees.

fake diploma

A Pakistani Company Is Making Millions Selling Fake College Diplomas For Those Of You Who Bombed Your Finals


A Pakistani software company called Axact is making tens of millions of dollar selling fake diplomas and college degrees, and I'll be paying for my real college degree until I'm senile and talking to myself on a bus stop bench.

graduation speeches

Joe Biden Gives Most Joe Biden Speech Ever At Yale Graduation, Proclaims That ‘Corvettes Are Better Than Porsches’


On Sunday, Vice President Joe Biden threw on a pair of Ray Ban Aviators and addressed the graduates of Yale University on their fancy $300,000 piece of paper that deems them suitable to society for the white collared market.

west virginia university

WVU Student Takes 75 Years To Get Diploma But He Had A Few Good Reasons For Taking So Long


Anthony Brutto is finally getting his diploma from West Virginia University next week.

penn state

Penn State Student Goes Missing On Graduation Day, Parents Find Out He Actually Dropped Out Last Fall


Jon Steindorf, 23, a former Penn State student, has reportedly disappeared ahead of his parents finding out that he had actually dropped out of the university last fall.


Georgia School Founder Gets REAL Racist During Graduation Speech, Everyone Storms Out

By | 4 Comments

Nancy Gordeuk, the founder of alternative school in Georgia, is in some deep shit after she got real racist during her graduation speech last week.

best majors

If You Want To Get A Job After Graduation, These Are The Best College Majors To Choose


Just having a college degree isn't going to get you a job after graduation.


The 7 Struggles All Unemployed Grads Know


Are you having trouble finding a job.


Why You Should 100% Always Take A ‘Victory Lap’ After Your Senior Year Of College


Six months before I graduated college I had a minor crisis in my life that arrived in the form of an email.


This Video Shows EXACTLY Why You Should Never Live With A College Kid After You’ve Graduated


Let's face it: graduating college means you're officially an "adult," whatever that actually means.

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