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Norm MacDonald Gives the Best Graduation Speech Advice Ever

Anyone else sick of graduation speeches? Yeah, me too.

Basic Bitches Are Freaking Out About Mindy Kaling’s Graduation Speech at Harvard Law School

Girls everywhere are freaking out about this because girls everywhere are like 'ERMHGERD LOVVVEEEEE HERRRRR!" about Mindy Kaling.

Jim Carrey Gave an Enlightening Graduation Speech at a Small College in Iowa

Did you know Jim Carrey is a Hindu?

Stop Whatever the Hell You’re Doing and Watch Charlie Day’s Graduation Speech at Merrimack College

Charlie Day delivered a tremendous graduation speech at his alma mater, Merrimack College.

Seth Meyers Has a Graduation Speech For the Class of 2014

It's a depressing world you are entering.

A Freakin’ Astronaut Delivers the UConn Commencement Speech From Space

University of Connecticut alumnus Rick Mastracchio is an astronaut currently stationed on the International Space Station for an eight-month mission.

This Profound Graduation Speech Will Change Your Outlook on Life

If I was judging Tim Minchin based on his appearence, I'd say he looks like someone who sells nitrous ballons in concert parking lots. The Aussie