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LeBron James Tells GQ After Retiring From NBA, He’ll Pursue a Career In Comedy

LeBron James will end up retiring as the greatest basketball player of all time. Even if he doesn’t win as […]

Would You Like Some Sexy Photos of Kate Mara from ‘House of Cards’ in Nothing but Her Underwear?

Did you spend your Valentine’s Day gorging on the new season of ‘House of Cards?’ Does it matter? You don’t […]

Masturbating in the Film Room and Other Highlights from GQ’s Profile of NFL Insider Jay Glazer

To many, Jay Glazer is the most connected man in the NFL. 

‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson Said Some Wacky Shit About Gays to ‘GQ’

Are you sitting down? Okay, get this: A 67-year-old duck-call maker who lives in Monroe, La. told GQ that he equates homosexuality with beastiality. Stunning shit, right? If

Watch Model Adele Exarchopoulos Sexily Quote ‘Duck Dynasty’ in French

Oh boy, Adele Exarchopoulos is very hot. So hot, in fact, that she can make Duck Dynasty seem sexy. Thanks for this, GQ

Russell Brand Got Kicked Out of An Awards Show For Telling Nazi Jokes

If there's one thing the world has learned about Russell Brand over the last few months, it's that he loves to kick the status-quo beehive.

The Awesome Anna Kendrick Explains How to Date Her, Strips Down for ‘GQ’

Anna Kendrick stars this month in Drinking Buddies, a movie about beer, near-alcoholic couples, and the fun that comes in between. She's insanely cute in

Aubrey Plaza Wears a Bikini and Offers Dating Advice

Aubrey Plaza is everywhere this week in a passive publicity blitz for The To-Do List, which opens on Friday. She's talking about threesomes, she's talking about

Emma Watson Poses for Her Hottest Photoshoot Yet

Emma Watson is on the cover of British GQ magazine, dishing to the rag about her upcoming movie, The Bling Ring, the trailer that gave us the

13 Things You Didn’t Know About Avicii, the $250,000-a-night DJ Who’s Never Rolled on Molly

Today GQ has released a long-form profile of every Bro's favorite Bromance-lovin' DJ, Avicii. I highly suggest you go read it over at GQ. In

The 11 Most Surprising Names on GQ’s ‘The 100 Hottest Women of the 21st Century’ List

After dropping a cover story with Beyoncé last week, GQ dropped it's list of The 100 Hottest Women of the 21st Century, which appears in

Who Will Be GQ’s Sexiest Woman of the 21st Century? Plus Beyoncé Lookin’ HOT on the Cover

Gentlemen, place your bets.

GQ Announces Winners for Its ‘Year in Bro,’ Gets It Mostly Right

I know that GQ's article "The Year in Bro 2012" is supposed to be a joke—hey, it says it right there in the URL!—but we've

5 Takeaways from Bill Murray’s Funny New Profile in GQ

Bill Murray has always been the guy we all want to be: Successful, rich, and wildly famous, yes, but also someone who's lived by his

‘Revenge’s’ Emily VanCamp Looks Smoking in GQ

She loves zombie movies, pretending to burn down houses on "Revenge," and that time she reeled in a barracuda in the Caribbean. I think we're

GQ’s New ‘The Many Talents of Kate Upton’ Video Is Just Perfection

Honestly, I don't even want to spoil this with words. The folks at GQ managed to blow our minds again with another Terry Richardson video. The many

Kate Upton’s July GQ Photoshoot Is Ridiculous

Breaking news here at The Kate Upton News Network. Coming soon to a newstand near you: GQ's July 2012 issue seems to feature a blazing

GQ Releases the Most Painfully Obvious Teaser Video Ever

Earlier this morning we posted the cover of the July Issue of GQ Magazine. Then, despite the fact we want them to sell a whole

GQ Names Kate Upton ‘Body of the Year’

So, this is a surprise TO ABSOLUTELY NO ONE. Head over to GQ’s website for the full pics. Check out her interview with the magazine

What Do You Think About GQ Magazine Naming Kristen Wiig As ‘Bro of the Year’ for 2011?

Hmmm... It seems like GQ is just flat out trolling us with their "Bro of the Year" selection. Hey, why not: They've done it before.

Seriously, This Is The Hottest Brooklyn Decker Video Ever Made

Thanks GQ for perpetuating our latent lust for a married woman! Damn you, Andy Roddick. 3:19 second in heaven after the jump.

WTF is Ken Jeong Doing in the Background of this Kate Upton Photo for GQ?

The summer of Everthing Upton keeps rolling along on the Internet, this time with a new pictorial in that already scortching August Issue of

‘Community’s’ Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs Do Kinky Girl-On-Girl Action for August’s Issue of GQ

So... The scorching hot August 2011 Issue of GQ is high on our list of newsstand pick-ups now. Not only does it feature a spread

Six Delightful Pics of Mila Kunis in GQ’s August 2011 Issue

You can't seem to go anywhere on the Internet these days without hearing about Mila Kunis. Not that we're complaining. We nearly went through

Natalia Avelon’s Ridiculous Pics from GQ Germany

Does the name Natalia Avelon ring a bell? Probably not unless you're a fan of German television, where this Polish-German actress is a mainstay. Here's

Jennifer Lawrence Shows Off Her Underwear in GQ

Is it me or did Jennifer Lawrence appear to have bigger tits than this when she was rocking that red dress at the Oscars? Not

Five Highly Enjoyable Photos of Alessandra Ambrosio From the April 2011 Issue of GQ Brazil

What's Brazilian bombshell Alessandra Ambrosio doing these days? Looks like she's still busy having people take pictures of her smoldering hot body. Here are a

Nine Sexy Photos of German Hottie Diane Kruger in the New Issue of GQ

American women will always be the best, but, deep down, there's a huge soft spot in my heart for the adorable blonde women of Deutschland.

The Daily Buzz for January 18, Presented By Minka Kelly in GQ

HOLY MINKA KELLY IN GQ!! As promised, a Talking Heads song. Follow me on Twitter @cup_of_joePA. If you have a special request for the girl

The Daily Buzz for September 18, Presented by Frieda Pinto in GQ

9 Dangerously Hot Alumni from the 50 Most Dangerous College Campuses. [COED] The Hottest Dance Team Videos in Sports. [Bleacher Report] Say what's up to April Rose.

The Daily Buzz for September 2nd, Presented By Olivia Munn in GQ

9 Greatest Football Motivational Speeches To Prepare You For This National Holiday. [Busted Coverage] Lacrosse player tased and arrested along with nine teammates and 30+ students