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People Won’t Stop Pooping In The Hallways At The EPA

Poop = environmentally friendly compost at some point, right?

House Stenographer Goes on Insane Rant During Vote, Is Dragged Away By Police

A longtime House stenographer lost her mind during a vote aimed at ending the the government shutdown. It was really, really weird.

BroBible Answers All Your Questions About The Government Shutdown

The federal government is just hours away from shutting down. Our borders will remain protected. Mail is going to be delivered on time. Air travel

Washington State Advocacy Group Has A Commercial For Legalizing Weed

This fall, residents of Washington (state) will have the chance to legalize marijuana. Polls show the majority of Washingtonians are in favor of rolling up

Missouri Representative Loses His Mind Over Kansas Jayhawk-Themed License Plates

It’s high time the Missouri state legislature addressed truly important issues, like the dastardly attempt by the Kansas University Alumni Association to make Jayhawk-themed license