House Stenographer Goes on Insane Rant During Vote, Is Dragged Away By Police


A longtime House stenographer lost her mind during a vote aimed at ending the the government shutdown.

obama twitter

Today in EXTREMELY Important Government Shutdown News


Barack Obama follows adult film star Asa Akira on Twitter.


Bob Woodward Says Obama’s Sobriety Harmed Government


Washington's most well-known journalist said current partisan tensions could have been eased if Barack Obama had just had a freakin' smoke.

Government Shutdown

Let’s All Get Drunk and Call Members of Congress


If you're a non-essential government employee, you've been drunk for nine days straight.

weird news

Some Bro Mowed the Lawn at the Lincoln Memorial Today


A mysterious bearded gent was spotted by dozens of people in Washington, D.


Stephen Colbert Gives Couple Dream Wedding After Plans Canceled By Shutdown


Mike Cassesso and MaiLien Le were planning on getting married in front of the Jefferson Memorial, but the government shutdown canceled their plans.

worst of facebook

This week in Facebook idiocy


In this week's Facebook Idiocy we take a look at some hilarious takes on the government shutdown, Breaking Bad fanatics, hilarious WINs, and more.

late night tv

Conan Furloughs Non-Essential Staff in Hilarious New Bit


Conan's associate producer Jordan Schlansky is either the best comedic actor on TV or a sociopath.

Sports suspended service academies

Service academies suspend athletics due to goverment shutdown


The government shutdown is hitting the sports world hard today with news that the Defense Department has suspended athletics at service academies.


Pamela Anderson’s boobs are in trouble


In today's Guyism Speed Round, Chet Siegel discusses the government shutdown and Pamela Anderson's tits.

The Guyism Podcast

The Guyism Podcast – Adult kickball, government shutdown, spoilers


Chris Spags (@chrisspags) and Ryan Jones (@kryanjones) discuss whether it's lame to play kickball as an adult, the federal government shutdown, and people who complain about TV or movie spoilers.


Newspaper nails the stupidity of the Government Shutdown with perfect cover


Have you heard any good jokes about the Federal government shutdown recently.

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