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Kate Upton Definitely Maybe Dating Someone Who is Not Justin Verlander

Oh, Kate.

Guess Which Kardashian ‘The Game’ Says He Banged?

Oh hey, this is fun! Rapper The Game dished some dirt about banging a Kardashian on a UK radio station.

Simon Cowell Allegedly Knocked-Up His Best Friend’s Wife: Bro or Not Bro?

We can all agree that sex is pretty Bro. But sex with your best friend's wife and knocking her up? Seems like a pretty flagrant

Kate Upton Might Soon be a Movie Star

Kate Upton has several television commercials to her credit, but Fox executives are cooking up something larger.

Gucci Mane Reportedly Fired Waka Flocka From His Label Because of Some Weird Beef Over Selena Gomez

On March 15 Gucci Mane publically fired Waka Flocka Flame from the Brick Squad over Twitter. The cause is allegedly some weird beef war between

A.J. McCarron Is Jealous of His Girlfriend’s Sudden Fame, Says TMZ ‘Sources’

Uh-oh. Not even 48-hours after winning his second National Championship, there's trouble in paradise. 

Brian McKnight Wrote a Theme Song for YouP*rn

I claim to not know a lot about YouP*rn. My browsing history begs to disagree. R&B crooner Brian McKnight has written a theme song for

People Keep Telling @EntyLawyer That Kate Upton Is Pregnant

Alright, we'll admit this: BroBible is sorta the CNN of Kate Upton news. Alas, we feel compelled to report on a rumor flying around Twitter.

Bro or Not Bro: Tony Parker Allegedly Cheated on Eva Longoria with a Teammate’s Wife Erin Barry

Shortly after Eva Longoria filed for divorce from Tony Parker, reports began popping up about the San Antonio Spurs point guard cheating on his