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Next Level Pool Dunk Video Involves Flaming Ring of Fire

And a GoPro.

Brad Paisely Stole a Fan’s GoPro and Performed a Guitar Solo With It

It's from the fretboard's perspective and it's cool as fuck.

Dude Crashes His Motorcycle at 140 MPH. Thankfully, He Was Wearing a GoPro

What I really meant to say is "Thankfully, he's not a vegetable or worse" but being a whore for pageviews got the best of me

What If There Was a GoPro Camera Just for Bros?

World, meet the BroPro camera.

A GoPro Attached to the Bottom of a Skateboard Makes for a Mesmerizing GoPro Video

I watch a lot of GoPro videos for this job. I've seen GoPros on the inside of crab pots and the inside of hula hoops.

Here’s a Bunch of Bikini-Clad Dallas Cowboys’ Cheerleaders Using a Hula-Hoop with a GoPro on It

Why are you wasting your time reading these words. Click play! CLICK PLAY! 

Like a Boss, Hockey Ref Wears a GoPro to Capture Amazing POV Footage of a Hockey Game

This. Is. Awesome. AHL referee David Banfield rocked a GoPro helmet cam for a game between the Rockford IceHogs and the Charlotte Checkers. The POV, refs-eye