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GoPro Attached to a Car Tire Is Hypnotic, Nauseating

And freakin' cool.

Insane Moment a Man Jumps Into Sydney Harbor Wearing a GoPro and Lands Next to a Great White Shark

Nature, you still scary as shit.

GoPro Video of a Bike Robbery at Gunpoint Is (Maybe?) Real

As with everything online, skepticism is a powerful tool.

What If There Was a GoPro Camera Just for Bros?

World, meet the BroPro camera.

Intense GoPro Video of a Bro Basejumping Into the Fog

  BASE jumping is already batshit crazy enough as it. But when you add falling into a foggy abyss, it makes […]

GoPro Falls From a Sky Diving Plane and Lands In a Pig Pen… Most Incredible GoPro Video Ever or Fake?

This viral GoPro video is so insane, I have a hard time believe it’s real. Like… What are the chances […]

Babes, Beaches, and Barrels: The Most Perfect GoPro Video for Bros Ever

If you're anything like us, you're really, really sick of sub-zero temperatures and the shittiest of shit winters we've had in a long time. All

Here’s a GoPro Video of a Chick’s Ass While Riding a Bike

You've seen the girl in yoga pants riding a motorcycle. Now see the spiritual sequel: a hot chick in booty shorts biking through a city.

GoPro Video of a Ski Jump Confirms You’d Die If You Tried It

You're not a man. Norwegian ski jumper Anders Jacobsen is a man. Watch in horror -- and admiration -- as he hurtles himself into the

Someone Put a GoPro at the Bottom of the Ocean (It’s Freaking Cool)

The other day I declared 2014 to be "The Year of the GoPro" and said the next evolution would be sticking them on fish to

The Most Insane GoPro Video You’ll Watch Today Is a Cliff Jump Gone Wrong

Go big or go home, right? That's what this cliff jumper did on a disastrous cliff jump and now he's suffering from "a compression fracture

Bro Straps on a GoPro and Asks ‘What if College Was an Extreme Sport?’

A reader e-mailed us this pretty cool video by YouTuber Khalid H. In order to document the so-called "college experience," he strapped a GoPro Hero 3

Watch a Kayaker Bro’s INSANE Plunge Down a Drainage Ditch

This is one of the headiest, most badass GoPro videos I've seen in a long, long time. This Canadian kayak Bro hits 34 MPH going

Watching Manchester City Play with GoPros Is an Epic Way to Watch Soccer

Until every soccer player has a camera, and you can toggle your viewpoint from one athlete to another mid-game, this will have to do. Manchester

BASE Jumper Almost Dies During Disastrous Jump Attempt, Captures Whole Thing with a Helmet Cam

Well this is enough to scare you never to go BASE jumping. 25-year-old extreme athlete Matthew Gough attempted to jump off a 1,000-foot cliff in

UGA Bro Spends Spring Break at Beaver Creek AND Ultra Music Festival, Capturing It All on GoPro

When it comes to having the most rad spring break out there, this guy wins. BroBible reader Patrick Clement, a student at the University of

Genius Aussies Put a GoPro on a Rugby Ref for Ultimate In-Game POV Footage

I wish the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL would do this so bad. If the Aussies can do it, U.S. pro sports leagues can do

Watch a Parkour Runner Make a Huge Five-Story Gap Jump While Wearing a GoPro Camera

YouTube comments typically represent some of the worst the Internet has to offer, but in this absolutely nuts jump video, there's a great exception.

Bro Goes Jet Skiing Through Hurricane Sandy in Manasquan, New Jersey

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you a giant Hurricane battering the Northeastern Seaboard, get on your jetski and rip sh*t through

5 Glorious Minutes of GoPro HERO3 Adrenaline Porn Will Make You Want to Take Life By the Balls

Just in time for the holidays, GoPro just dropped a SICK promo video for their HERO3 camera. It will make you want to give your

Intense Footage of a Soldier’s Bravery During a Firefight in Afghanistan

On an intel and reconnaissance mission in the Kunar Province, Afghanistan, a brave US solider took on heavy fire from Taliban insurgents. The combat footage starts right

GoPro Highlights from the Summer X Games

Pretty snappy video from the folks at GoPro, who managed to whip together a highlight reel of from this year's Summer X Games.

An Amazing Birds-Eye View of Fireworks Exploding, Via GoPro

If you're ready to set the mood for the Fourth, watch this video. Jeremiah Warren attached a GoPro to a few balloons and then set off

We’ll Watch GoPro Videos of Alana Blanchard and Monyca Byrne Any Day of the Week

I can't think of anything more heavenly than Alana Blanchard and Monyca Byrne-Wickey splashing around in the sun and surf for a GoPro

Easton Films an Epic Highlight Video By Attaching 100 GoPros On Athletes

This is sick. Easton attached 100 GoPros to all sorts of baseball players, lacrosse players, hockey players, etc, for an highlight reel. It's

Wearing a GoPro During Sex, Should You Unfriend Your Ex on Facebook, and a Girl Wants Answers

Got a real interesting mailbag for you today. Submit your Ask a Bro questions here and check back in again on Tuesday. 

A Salisbury Club Lacrosse Scrimmage, As Viewed from a GoPro

Nothing new to see here, just an inter-squad scrimmage from the Salisbury Club Lacrosse team filmed via GoPro. We saw something similar last

A GoPro Dog’s-Eye View of the World Set to Johnny Neon’s ‘Hearts’

Believe it or not, this is a music video for South African synth-pop star Johnny Neon. Set to his new wave song "Hearts," the GoPro

Snowmobiler Survives Insane Avalanche, Captures Video with GoPro

Well, here's some sort of cosmic metaphor for our feelings about Valentine's Day. Tanner Stuart captured this disastrous snowmobile ride up a steep slope in

Watch CBS This Morning’s Cool Profile of GoPro Founder (and Ultimate Bro) Nick Woodman

I think this is the first video we've ever posted from CBS This Morning, but heck, this is awesome. Over the past two years, California

This GoPro From a F-18 Will Make You Want to Be a Fighter Pilot, ASAP

Just four minutes of blissful machine adult entertainment set to a badass AWOLNATION soundtrack. Don't kid yourself: This will make you act on

Watch an Amazing GoPro of Surfers Ripping Barrels at the North Shore’s Pipeline

This Hero HD video popped up on the GoPro YouTube channel yesterday and it's too amazing not to share. Pro surfers Mark Healey,

This is What Extreme Pogo Sticking Looks Like On a GoPro

Man, I want to hate this so bad right now. Like, Pogoing? Really? How cool could it be? On one hand, it feels

Watch a GoPro POV of an LSU Cheerleader In Action

So... you wanna know what an LSU female cheerleader sees on Game Day? One member of the squad wore a GoPro for the

Video: R/C Airplane With a GoPro Provides Cool Birds-Eye View of the University of Virginia

This is one of the cooler things you'll watch today. Perhaps it will even help a few Cavaliers feel better about that donut

What Could Be Better Than a Video of Alana Blanchard and Monyca Byrne-Wickey Surfing in Hawaii?

Yesterday the GoPro YouTube dropped this visual feast featuring smokin' hot surfer babes Alana Blanchard and Monyca Byrne-Wickey. How awesome does the "scenery"

The Show Reel for GoPro’s New HD HERO2 Is Freakin’ Off the Charts EPIC

It figures that a company like GoPro would literally eat its own catchphrase by going big or going home when rolling out a

One of the Best Basejumping Videos You’ll Ever Watch

Speaking of big balls, here's a very cinematic reel of spectacular basejumps. There's a lot of really great camera work here and apparently the whole

Check Out This Helmet Cam Footage of a Kawaski Ninja ZX-10 Lap at Nürburgring

If you're into bikes, this is going to melt your face off so hard that you'll need a spatula and a frying pan

This First-Person Helmet Cam Motocross Crash Is Fun to Watch

Billy MacKenzie and Tanel Leok both dumped their bikes hard this weekend in the British MX1 Grand Prix. We're not big motocross people,