NHL All-Stars Get GoPros Strapped to Their Buckets, Show Off Disgusting Skills


On the eve of the NHL All-Star Weekend, GoPro has announced an official partnership with the NHL.

bear attack ahhh

Do You Think This GoPro Footage Of A Guy Trying To Outrun An Attacking Bear Is Real Or Fake?


Personally, I don’t really care if this is real or fake since it didn’t end in the bear catching the guy with the GoPro and violently devouring him on camera.


A GoPro Camera Was Strapped To A Bald Eagle Before Its Descent Into NRG Stadium And It’s American As Shit


This video makes me want to sing God Bless America until my balls ache and leave me pissing red, white and blue.


Get A Glimpse Inside The Mouth Of A Man Eater As This Deadly Tiger Shark Swallows A GoPro


Though tiger sharks by nature are not man eaters, they're known for being extremely casual when it comes to choosing their next meal.

gopro videos

Why Buying A GoPro Is Great — Until You Eat Shit


GoPro's marketing is pretty damn good at making non-action sports stars think they "need" a sick HD camera to capture their POV experience on a bike, skis, or skateboard.

Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs Fan Wears A GoPro Strapped To His Head On MNF


The Kansas City Chiefs broke the Guinness World Record tonight for loudest crowd noise level in an NFL stadium and noone was more stoked than this Chiefs fan who for whatever reason had a GoPro camera strapped to his head.


Can You Beat The Subway In A Foot Race? Because This Bro Just Did


One man in Britain had the brilliant idea to strap on a GoPro and race The Tube from stop to stop, and shockingly he won.


Thanks To The Miracle Of GoPro You Can Now Know What It’s Like To Be A Surfing Dog


I'm convinced that the GoPro was invented solely for this purpose: a POV view of a surfing dog.

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