stephen colbert

Stephen Colbert Just Dropped A Piping Hot Deuce On Republican’s Lazy Ass Plans To ‘Not Govern’


After the GOP secured their largest majority in 85 years due to the worst voter turnout in 72 years, some Republicans are calling for a strategy in which they don't do any governing whatsoever.


The GOP Asked Twitter About the Issues in 2014; Twitter Responds Gleefully


Rule one of Twitter: If you are a major brand that a lot of people hate, whatever you do will backfire.

the daily show

‘The Daily Show’ Aired from Tampa Last Night, and Made Fun of Florida for 5 Minutes Straight


"The Daily Show" went down to Tampa yesterday for the start of the Republican National Convention, and even though the show actually aired in front of a studio audience in the city, the correspondents quickly began roasting the state of Florida for its heat, its ruralness, its methheads.

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