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Six Tech Bros Made An Estimated $13.4 BILLION Last Week And I’m Over Here Looking Up Ramen Recipes


Thanks to a particularly swell week on the market, six bros from Silicon Valley are an estimated $13.


Google Is Now Useless Thanks To The Internet’s First Drake Search Engine


Google is the world's largest search engine with the unrivaled ability to give you the exact information you need in nano-seconds.

pac man for google maps

You Can Play Pac-Man On Google Maps Right Now, So What’s The Hold Up?


Google Maps has recently unveiled a feature that allows users to play Pac-Man in almost every city in the world.

cool buildings

Google’s Plans For Its New Headquarters Are INSANE And Proof That Hooli Is Real


HBO's Silicon Valley is easily one of my favorite new TV shows in the last couple years.


Google Probably Just Spent A Billion Dollars On This Commercial Of Animals Being Adorable

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With their endless coffers of wealth, Google probably just broke off a billion dollar chunk and threw it at whoever they needed to in order to secure this animal footage.


10 Surprising Things People Google About Sex

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What do the things people search for on Google say about their sex lives.

wtf utah

What Each State Googled The Most In 2014 Shows Utah Is Filled With A Bunch Of Perverts


Web site Estately put together the map you see below analyzing the Google habits of each state to determine what search terms were most popular by state in 2014.

google most searched

Jennifer Lawrence, Robin Williams Top Google’s Lists Of Top Searches For 2014


Unlike Yahoo's list of most searched celebrities which had Jennifer Lawrence as their third most searched celebrity, Google's list of most searched celebrities in 2014 has J-Law right where we pretty much figured she would be: number one.


This Is What Happens When You Try To Sell Crack Using Google Wallet As Opposed To Venmo


For those of you who don’t know what Google Wallet is, it’s basically Venmo for people who don’t know what Venmo is.

stephen colbert

Google’s Response To Stephen Colbert Threatening To Sue Is GENIUS


Last week Stephen Colbert "lashed out" at Google for what he says was incorrectly listing his height as 5'10" instead of his claimed 5'11" and threatened to sue Google co-founder Larry Page, saying, "I demand a retraction, an investigation, an apology and a substantial cash settlement, or I will see your ass in court.


This Is All the Swag Google, Microsoft and Intel Summer Interns Got this Year


They pay you for a summer and you become a walking billboard for life.


Think the NSA is Scary? Watch This…


If you think the NSA's privacy standards are scary, take a look at what Google does.

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