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Why is My State So _____?

You can tell a lot about a state based on the top Google autocomplete suggestions. Or maybe you can't because they're wildly arbitrary and don't

Hilarious Video Asks, ‘What If Google Was a Guy?’

Everything you ask Google sounds a lot dumber when you actually ask Google.

Google’s Top 10 ‘How To’ Searches of 2013 Show Humans Have Given Up On Interpersonal Communication

Each year, Google releases the Top Ten "How To" searches of the year, results from when human people turn to the search engine to find

20 of the Weirdest Things to Wind Up on Google Street View

Twitter recently tweaked its website, allowing pictures to automatically pop in your stream.

The handle @GoogleStreets immediately became a favorite follow. It's a simple premise—just longitude

Google’s Interns Have Turned Their Apartment Complex Into a Party Haven

Being an intern for Google is undisputably great. The pay is—actually, anyone currently working an unpaid internship might want to go ahead and exit this

Just a Blind Guy ‘Driving’ Google’s Self-Driving Car

People bitch all the time about how we don’t have flying cars. Well, shut up. We have cars that drive themselves. I’d argue that’s more

Here are a Few Reasons Google Glass Might Suck

Everyone’s all jazzed up about Google Glass. But what if it sucks? What then? This video explores that very real possibility.

Let’s Be Real: ‘Google Nose’ Would Take Watching Porn to a Whole New Level

Google just "introduced" a new search engine product called "Google Nose," which reportedly allows Google's billions and billions of search users to experience a specific

Google Unveils a Talking ‘Google Sneaker’ Because Google Does Whatever the Hell Google Wants

Google continues to never be satisfied and at SXSW they unveiled a new talking shoe that connects to your Android smartphone and gives you it's

6 Reasons Why We Can Never Stop Using Google

I love the convenience of the modern world because anything is possible and everything is accessible. All you need is a web connection and to

Daughter of Google Chairman Gives Amazing Info on the Weirdness of North Korea

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt just got back from a two-week trip to that closed-off place very, very few of us will ever see—North Korea—to

Internet Explodes Over the Fact That ‘Keenan and Kel’ Had Google Before Google Was Invented

Google as in, Google Puffs cereal. 

The Google Glasses Both Amaze and Terrify Me

Yesterday the technological overlords at Google dropped this video about "Project Glass" a.k.a. "The Google Glasses." Google being Google, it became the most

Five Things We’d Like to Do with Those Crazy Google Glasses

We're on the cusp of revolutionary technology. According to the New York Times, a pair of Google-made glasses that stream information to the

Family Used Google to Find Ways to Kill their 89-Year-Old Grandfather

Not sure how to go about killing your wealthy relative to get the inheritance money? Why not do as this insightful family did and utilize

VIDEO: Inside Google’s Kinda Creepy, Kinda Awesome Self-Driving Car

Back in January we momentarily "oohed" and "aahed" over a Mercedes-Benz SLS that was allegedly controlled

RIM Announces BlackBerry PlayBook, the ‘First Professional Tablet’

There's something ironic about "PlayBook," the name of RIM's first ever BlackBerry tablet, which was just announced this