mondo cans

Woman Chases Down Google Maps Car To Get Her Mondo Cans Shown On Street View


It was Karen Davis' life goal to get her breasts on Google Street View.

pac man for google maps

You Can Play Pac-Man On Google Maps Right Now, So What’s The Hold Up?


Google Maps has recently unveiled a feature that allows users to play Pac-Man in almost every city in the world.


Lost Indian boy found his way home with Google Maps in amazing video


Saroo Brierley was lost from his family during a train ride through India as a five-year-old.

Google Maps

These Are the Ends of the Roads on Google Maps


There are few things on the Internet quite like GeoGuessr.


Google Maps for iOS is officially here


In the past, if you own an iPhone, and had to get somewhere, you were boned.

technology fail

The New Apple Maps Download Will Literally Kill You Dead


I knew there was a reason why my iPhone has had that red notification "1" hanging out in the top right corner of the settings button for the last two months.


Google Maps gets an overhaul, sticks it to Apple


Let me save you some time: If you can possibly keep Google Maps on your iPhone, do it.

stuff hidden on google earth

24 places Google doesn’t want you to see


For one reason or another (some legitimate and some rather unexplainable) there are places that Google just doesn't want anyone to see.


Google Maps adds a lot of traffic data


Google Maps has been useful ever since it finally made Internet mapping functional instead of requiring a printer.

new Google Maps features

Google Maps getting 3D, more detail, and off-line maps


We've all experienced it: being stuck in the middle of nowhere, hopelessly lost, and with no cell signal to get a map up and figure out where the hell we are.

Video games

The Google April Fools joke wasn’t half bad


I personally believe no one has it worst than gamers on April 1.

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