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Raiders Punter Chris Kluwe Wore Google Glass to Training Camp

If you had to pick who would wind up the first NFL player to wear Google Glass to training camp, you'd probably have chosen Chris

OF COURSE the First Fight Video Caught on Google Glasses Happened at the Jersey Shore

Over the holiday weekend, filmmaker Chris Barrett went for a stroll on the boardwalk of Wildwood, New Jersey wearing his pair of Google Glasses. The

‘New Wearable Computer Also Sucks Your Dick,’ Says Hilarious New Onion Video

The Onion has found the logical next step from Google Glass. And it involves fellatio. Funny stuff here:

Planning on Using Google Glass to Watch Porn?

It was to be called "Tits and Glass." Tits. And. Glass. That was the truly inspiring name of the first-ever porn app to be released

You Will Be Able to Watch Porn on Google Glass If App Company MiKandi Has Anything to Say About It

This still doesn't make me want Google Glass -- nothing short of X-ray vision would cause that to happen -- but if anything sells it's

Here are a Few Reasons Google Glass Might Suck

Everyone’s all jazzed up about Google Glass. But what if it sucks? What then? This video explores that very real possibility.