Welp, It Looks Like We No Longer Have a Cure for Gonorrhea


Wait, there's a way to construe this as a good thing, right.


Gonorrhea Classified As ‘Urgent Public-Health Threat’ in America


There are days when I see a few of the other guys in the office mindlessly rifling through Tinder messages from godless whores or whatever, and I get jealous that I've gone and married off.


Be Very Afraid: There’s a Drug-Resistant Strain of Gonorrhea Out There


Here's something to watch out for, and another reason why it's always a good call to wrap it up, Bros: Gonorrhea, one of the most commonly transmitted STDs in the country, has developed a strain that 1-of-15 people can't cure with drugs.

the clap

Sex with Teachers, Squirters, the Clap, and Legalizing Weed


This week we tackle why high school dudes turn their teachers in for having sex with them, dating a girl who squirts, and if you can contract the clap from a BJ.

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