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GOLF GIVEAWAY: Enter to Win Golf’s Greatest New Product: Game Golf

Bros. Golf season, for those of us in the bitter cold of the north, is almost upon us. And just […]

This Is Hands Down the Best Golf Trick Shot You’ll Ever See

No hyperbole, I promise you this is the craziest golf trick shot you'll ever see. PROMISE it, no bullshit. At the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championships

Chi Chi Rodriguez Rockets Golf Ball Off Groin, Remains Legendary

Golf Channel’s Big Break NFL Puerto Rico is a show on television. They had golfing legend Chi Chi Rodriguez stop by for a recent episode

‘In Golf We Trust’: George W. Bush Defends President Obama’s Right to Play Golf While in Office

Bros stick together. That's the most tried and true tenant of Bro-dom, and it has now made its way to the world's most hallowed halls. Yes, George W. Bush

Watch President Obama Yell At Himself After Making a Terrible Golf Shot

The President of the United States is just like you when you botch a shot on the golf course. 

Dude Perfect Breaks Down Casual Golfer Stereotypes

This video really paints golfers in the worst possible light. Makes us look like annoying, cocky, ignorant liars. Sadly, it's ninety-five percent accurate. I'm guilty

5 Keys to Success for a Bro to Dominate His Golf Game

Editor's Note: The following is a guest post from our Bros at Tap In Golf, who run a kickass golf blog

This Is What Happens When You Take 9 Shots of Polish Vodka and Try to Play Golf

The golf part doesn't exactly come easy. 

Watch a Dude Impressively Hit a Golf Ball with the World’s Longest Driver

Do you want this club in your bag? 

Bro’s Guide to Buying Golf Clubs on a Budget

Perhaps, like many bros, your $200 March Madness pool didn’t yield the massive return you anticipated. Or maybe you simply resent the fact that it

Watching Shakira Swing a Golf Club Just Put Me to Half Mast

I've always had a healthy appreciation of Shakira's looks, moves, and other ancillary attributes. But after seeing her swing a golf club, quite well I