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Bookmaker Releases Odds of Who Tiger Woods Will Hire Next Now That He’s Canned Sean Foley

Elin coming in hot at 500/1.

Surprise, Surprise: Ashley Bongiovanni (AKA Rory McIlroy’s Blonde Admirer) Has a Hot Instagram Account

Every time I say the name Ashley Bongiovanni in my head, all I can think about is eating a bowl of delicious rigatoni bolognese.

Winning on DraftKings is Too Much Noise for Rickie Fowler

$ $ $ $

Jimmy Fallon Handed Out Superlatives to Pro Golfers After the PGA Championship, Pulled No Punches

Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods got off easy, probably because they’re the only people on this list that would ever […]

Video Compares Amount of Times Barack Obama Has Said ‘I Will Not Rest’ to His Rounds of Golf

In all fairness to him, golf can be exhausting, so technically he's not "resting."

Rory McIlroy Wins the PGA Championship, Saves the Wannamaker Trophy From Being Dropped

Rory with the save of the day.

Ian Poulter is Having the Worst Day Ever

Hate when that happens.

10 Best Players to Never Win the PGA Championship

WARNING: This video contains HIGH fashion.

Michelle Wie Brought the Heat to Her Golf Digest Photo Shoot

YEP and YEP.

Here’s What All the Nike Golfers Will Be Wearing at the 2014 PGA Championship

Valhalla here we come!

A Bro’s Guide to Gambling on the Golf Course

Spice up your next round.

Rory McIlroy Had an Extremely Attractive Blond Admirer

The guy must have laser-like focus.

Sergio Garcia Broke a Woman’s Diamond Ring With a Wild Drive

Freak accident.

Tiger Woods Asks Camera Guys to ‘Give Me a Little Fucking Space’

Tiger does not like the camera guys at the World Golf Championships-Bridgestone Invitational.

Breaking: Golf.com Reporting Dustin Johnson Suspended From PGA Tour After Testing Positive for Cocaine

Welp, that wasn't shoved under the rug for very long.

Tiger Woods Finally Answered the One Burning Question We’ve All Been Asking

That question obviously has nothing to do with golf.

These Guys Play Golden Tee For A Living, Make Almost $100,000 Per Year

Dream job.

Charles Barkley Is Now So Bad At Golf That He Can’t Even Bring Himself to Make Contact with the Ball

I'm not actually convinced that Charles Barkley is bad at golf.

Dallas Stars’ Tyler Seguin Allowed Someone to Hit a Tee Shot Off on His Crotch

No. Nope. Never. Not on my crotch, babaaaaaaay.

Watch Tiger Woods Throw A Shit Fit Because People Won’t Shut Up When He’s About To Swing

I don't know shit about golf, but that looks annoying.

14-Year-Old Girl Shoots a 12-Under Par 60 in a Golf Tournament, Ruins My Entire Day

Wow. Just...wow.

Tiger Woods Clocked a Dude IN THE FACE With an Errant Drive

That's gotta hurt.

John Daly is Wearing SpongeBob SquarePants Pants at the 2014 Open Championship Today

He's also wearing pink shoes.

Phil Mickelson Drank a $40,000 Bottle of Wine Out of the Claret Jug

What will Phil do next? How about whatever the fuck Phil pleases? How bout that?

Do You Only Watch Golf to See Tiger Woods? Then You’ll Love ESPN’s British Open Plans

All Tiger, all the time.

Rory McIlroy Hit a 436-Yard Drive Onto the Green

New chicks love the longball.

Pro Golfer Jesper Parnevik Broke a Rib Riding a Segway, Uploaded the Fail to Instagram For Our Enjoyment

That looked...painful.

Rory McIlroy’s New Girlfriend Might Be the Hottest Golf WAG on the Planet

Well, that didn't take long.

5 Reasons Golf is the Best Summer Sport

Minus the need for slathering on sunscreen.

LSU Bro and Current PGA Tour Pro John Peterson Left Quite the Message to Chicks on a Bar Napkin

If your beauty was my driver...

PGA Tour Pro Hunter Mahan Is Selling His Texas Home, It Has One Of the Sickest Man Caves You’ll Ever See

I'll go ahead and throw this house on my Christmas list right now. Don't let me down, Santa.

Here’s Michelle Wie Twerking Upside Down and Drinking Booze Out of the U.S. Open Trophy (UPDATE)

You'd twerk too if you just won a U.S. Open.

Watch a High Speed Police Chase Find Its Way Onto a Golf Course

Hot pursuit.

RadiusRoll Putter Review — Wait. What the Hell Is a RadiusRoll Putter?

Drive for show...and all that good stuff.

Ken Duke’s Par Save at the U.S. Open Today Is One of the Most Insane Saves You’ll Ever See

Couldn't do this in 100 tries.

Here’s What All Nike and Adidas Golfers Will Be Wearing at the 2014 U.S. Open

Uniform porn!

9 Best Golfers Who Are Currently Without a Major

It's time to ratchet up the oldest debate in the game: Who's the best golfer yet to win a major?

Caroline Wozniacki Finally Chimes In On Breakup With Rory McIlroy

That's an awfully passionate kiss for a guy who, at the time, probably had one foot out the door.

Rory McIlroy Breaks Engagement to Caroline Wozniacki, Gives Common Excuse

Earlier this morning, Rory McIlroy announced that he decided to break off his engagement to Caroline Wozniacki.

Charles Barkley: Still Turrible at Golf