Surprise, Surprise: Ashley Bongiovanni (AKA Rory McIlroy’s Blonde Admirer) Has a Hot Instagram Account


Every time I say the name Ashley Bongiovanni in my head, all I can think about is eating a bowl of delicious rigatoni bolognese.

The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon Handed Out Superlatives to Pro Golfers After the PGA Championship, Pulled No Punches


Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods got off easy, probably because they're the only people on this list that would ever be on The Tonight Show, but some of the other tour players can't say the same.


Video Compares Amount of Times Barack Obama Has Said ‘I Will Not Rest’ to His Rounds of Golf


In all fairness to him, golf can be exhausting, so technically he's not "resting.

PGA tour

10 Best Players to Never Win the PGA Championship


WARNING: This video contains HIGH fashion.