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U.S. Open Giveaway #1: Adidas adizero Tour Golf Shoes in ‘America’ Colorway

Bros, this is our first of SEVEN golf giveaways -- totaling over $2000 worth of merchandise -- during the 2013 U.S. Open week. As we

Tiger Woods and Nike’s Innovation Director Discuss the Nike Free TW’ 13

Son of a bitch, do I hate looking at these shoes more than anything -- I mean, who wants to wear partial high-tops with golf

Nike Finally Releasing Those Hideous Golf Shoes Tiger Woods Has Been Wearing

When I saw that these shoes were being released, I honestly thought they already were. That's how long Tiger Woods has been playing in a

Spikeless Golf Sneakers Aren’t Just for Freddie Couples Anymore

Sneaker-style golf shoes have enjoyed a rise in popularity since Fred Couples rocked a pair at the 2010 Masters. OK, fine, Freddie is 52, and