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RadiusRoll Putter Review — Wait. What the Hell Is a RadiusRoll Putter?

Drive for show...and all that good stuff.

Charl Schwartzel Commits Savage Man-on-Golf-Club Violence

Charl Schwartzel hated his six-iron, so he destroyed it. Professional golf, everyone!

U.S. Open Giveaway #7: TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs Putter

For our seventh and final giveaway of this 2013 U.S. Open week we have a TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs putter, the

TaylorMade Golf Introduces R1 Black Driver and It’s Pure Beauty

Is it weird to be physically attracted to a golf club? Because that is my reality right now as TaylorMade's brand new

Bro’s Guide to Buying Golf Clubs on a Budget

Perhaps, like many bros, your $200 March Madness pool didn’t yield the massive return you anticipated. Or maybe you simply resent the fact that it

Product Review: Callaway Golf’s RAZR Hawk Driver and RAZR X Irons

  Last Thursday, AZ and I went to Drive 495 in SoHo to test Callaway's latest line of golf equipment, which is set to drop on