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A Group Of Dudes Tried to Run Over Turkeys With a Golf Cart on Thanksgiving, Then Karma Kicked In

To clarify, karma didn't kick in because these dudes wanted to kill a turkey with a golf cart. Oh no, that shit came hard and fast at

How the Hell Did This Golf Cart Catch on Fire?

Every golf cart I've ever been on was electric, so I have no idea how this is even possible. What could have caused this golf

Holy Sh*t: Bubba Watson Has a Hovercraft Golf Cart, You Guys

While this is incredible in it's own right, I'm going to take this moment -- since we are on the topic of golf swag --

Man Tries to Leap Over Golf Cart, Ends in Life-Altering Wedgie

This jumper should be ecstatic to get out of that leap with only a wedgie. If he came up 6 inches shorter, he'd have been

Someone Made a Golf Cart Fail Compilation

I'm not much of a golfer, but I never suspected a golf cart would be difficult or dangerous to operate. You get in,