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Watch the Westboro Baptist Church Get Trolled at the Golden Globes

Under the alter ego of "Brick Stone," comedian Dave Sirus has made trolling the Westboro Baptist Church a cottage industry. At the Golden Globes on

Kaley Cuoco’s Golden Globe Highlight Reel Includes a Must-See Pic Of Her Grabbing Her Boobs

Oh, oh, oh! I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, KALEY. You grabbed your Golden Globes, just like our gal Sofia Vergara

E! Calls Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s a ‘Fun Fact,’ Inspires Meme

It's difficult to pick the absolute best moment of last night's Golden Globes—maybe McConaughey's speech; he seems pretty awesome—but can't we all agree that there are

Matthew McConaughey McConaugheyed Harder Than Anyone’s Ever McConaugheyed

Everyone's favorite chill Bro was awarded Best Actor honors at last night's Golden Globes for his role in Dallas Buyers Club. His speech was everything

This GIF of Jennifer Lawrence Photoboming Taylor Swift Is GREAT

Now THIS is how you troll Taylor Swift. Kudos to Jennifer Lawrence for this epic photobomb of Taylor Swift while T-swizzle yammed it up with

Watch Bono Throw Diddy Mad Shade at the Golden Globes

How off the rocker is Diddy at the Golden Globes tonight? Dude must have started day drinking at dawn, slamming bloody maries as the sun

Aaron Paul Gives Us One Last ‘Yeah, Bitch’ for the Road

Breaking Bad is over, but its victory lap has just begun. The Hollywood Foreign Press, in its infinite wisdom, named the show best television drama.

The Official 2014 Golden Globe Awards Drinking Game

Golden Globes drinking game time, Bros! One of the biggest and booziest nights in showbiz is upon us. Head to the liquor store now because nothing is

‘EDM’ Awards Show to Come To Life in 2014

The creators of Electric Daisy Carnival & The Golden Globes come together to create 'an award show focused on all the creative components that contribute

Anna Kendrick Jokes About Masturbating on Twitter, Becomes Your New Favorite Dream Girl (Again)

No one keeps it real on Twitter quite like Anna Kendrick. Via Hypervocal, she just Tweeted this gem out. Dream girl status?

Bill Murray’s Mustache at the Golden Globes Should Win All the Awards (GIF)

ERMAHGERD, LOOK AT THAT THING. Is he playing a drunk civil war colonel in his next movie? Regardless, AMAZING.  Bill Murray, Bro of the year,

Your Official 2013 Golden Globe Awards Drinking Game

One of the biggest nights in showbiz is upon us. Make it count by also making it a celebration in boozing.

Here Are the Totally Inarguable Golden Globe Nominees

Ah, dammit, I confused the Lincoln movies again. It seems that "Vampire Hunter" [pictured above] actually isn't the true story of our 16th president that

The Guide to Every Awards Show, Including, God Willing, the AVNs

Hey everyone, let’s put aside those protests about SOPA and PIPA (I, for one, love Mexican soup, so count me IN) for a second and

VIDEO: Robert Downey Jr. Presents Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical at Golden Globes Like a Boss

Last night at the Golden Globe Awards, Robert Downey Jr. presented the award for Best Actress in a