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25% of Americans Believe God Decides Football Games

This news isn't new, but it is interesting: a huge population of the United States—nearly 3 in 10 people—believe that God determines the outcome of football games,

#AssWednesday: What Would God Say About Twitter’s Most Blasphemous Hashtag?

Ass-piring models, and the men who enjoy looking at them, are some of the most resourceful hashtag creators out there. To my knowledge, there’s #ModelMonday,

Is Google God?

In America, you can believe in whatever God you want. A small sect of people have founded a religion worshiping Google. 

Why Would God Care Who Wins the Super Bowl?

This week’s Sports Illustrated asks that question in bold lettering positioned above a shirtless Ray Lewis emerging from water. It’s an incredibly easy question for

What if God Played Sports?

During the Olympics, there's been much talk about athletes being "gods" of their sports. There's also been a multitude of athletes praying on the field,

VIDEO: God Hates Justin Beiber Because He Looks Like a Chick

  I usually never agree with anything religion has to offer: Abstinence, giving up shit I love for lent, like 5 of the 7 Deadly Sins,