Will Some NHL Goalie Please Wear This ‘Trailer Park Boys’ Mask?


It's customary for hockey goalies to wear a frightening mask in order to intimidated his opponents.


Red Wings Goalie Petr Mrazek to Wear Extremely Childish Pads for Outdoor Game


These cute little snowmen will be worn by a professional hockey player and not on the sweater of someone's overbearing, minivan-driving mother.

Toronto Maple Leafs

Guess Which NHL Goalie Has a Care Bear and My Little Pony Cartoon on His Mask?


If you guessed Drew MacIntyre of the Toronto Maple Leafs you'd have guessed correctly.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Marc Andre-Fleury Killed the Sh*t Out of a Penalty


Marc-Andre Fleury had been, well, let’s say less than perfect through the first four games of the Philadelphia-Pittsburgh series.

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